Beanbags As A Camping Accessory?

What do you take with you when you go out on a camping holiday?
On the one hand you want to travel light. Once the gas cylinders (if not provided) and the essentials for generating heat, for cooking or for warmth, have been taken out of the equation you really don’t want to burdened with anything too cumbersome. Wardrobes, cookers and washing machines are most definitely out.

At the same time it is quite important that you have whatever it is you need to be able to survive the weekend, or the week, whatever the case may be. Essential functions – washing, eating, sleeping and so forth – need all to be taken care of. Sleeping rough is not the same thing as sleeping tough.
Somewhere in all this the question arises as to what a camper’s seating arrangements might be. Fold-up chairs and little seats that can be transported around in a piece of plastic and which weigh little more than a feather are very much in vogue, especially with fishermen. But if you want comfort as well as portability then maybe you should be looking elsewhere.
Outdoor beanbags
One of the most versatile, transportable, lightweight, convenient and generally all-purpose modes of seating is the humble beanbag. Indeed beanbags of any kind are adaptable enough to be able to be used in an indoor or an outdoor environment.
And yet the bean bag specialists who are Fatboy have taken the extra step of creating a dedicated, customised outdoor model shaped and crafted to perfection, and designed solely with the wide open spaces specifically in mind.
Fatboy’s outdoor beanbags are specially fitted with a strap and ring which are designed for lounging in a seated position up to sixty degrees. They are purposely constructed from a very tough polyester fabric which has a highly durable PVC coating which makes it rain, stain and UV resistant. Each bag contains no less than 360 litres of EPS filling. The fabric is moisture and dirt repellent and can be wiped clean with ease using just warm water and a neutral soap. A multi-purpose bean bag, although designed principally for the open air the outdoor Fatboy can also be used in the home whenever the weather outdoors is inclement or otherwise unappealing.
Fatboy call their outdoor beanbags Buggle-Ups. They come in an awesome range of exciting colours to blend in nicely with your tent – or the elements.
Guest article brought to you by David, a keen camper!