Beat The Heat With These Top Tips

Throughout the majority of the year, many British homeowners will be anticipating the start of the summer months when you can finally get out in your garden, enjoy a family BBQ and generally just start doing more outdoor activities.

Whilst the weather is rather unpredictable, we can at least expect a few weeks of warmer temperatures, when the sun will shine down upon us. However, as we are Brits, and it’s our god given right to moan, there will undoubtedly be hundreds of people across the country complaining that it’s too hot… There’s just no pleasing some!

If the heat is getting too much for you, then read on as this post takes you through a few simple things you can implement and do in your home to help to beat the heat, and what’s more, they’re cheap so you don’t have to worry about forking out a fortune buying air conditioning!

Shut It Out

One of the simplest things you can do to keep your home, and therefore you cool, is to simply shut the sun out… don’t sit in the dark, but think about closing your curtains and blinds during the heat of the day. Furthermore, it’s always worth opening the windows as much as you can (especially at night, just remember to keep security in mind at all times), as by opening all of your windows, you will create a cross-ventilating breeze throughout your home which is sure to keep the temperature down.

Appropriate Dress

You wouldn’t go out in the middle of winter wearing nothing but shorts and a t-shirt, and when the temperature is warm, you should wear the right sort of clothing that’s appropriate to the weather conditions. Light clothes that don’t stick to your body will be best; cotton is the ideal material as it will simply hang loosely. Additionally, when you go out, stay protected with sun cream, a hat and if needed, take an umbrella to create your own shade wherever you are!

Working Outside?

Maybe you have to get out in the garden and mow the lawns this Saturday, but think carefully about how you are going to do it, whilst also staying protected from the dangers of the sun. Do you really need to go out at lunch time when the sun is at its hottest? No…. it’s always best to avoid going outside in the heat of the day, which is normally around midday. If you have to go out and work during the heat, take regular breaks in shady spots and drink lots of cold water.

Furthermore, rather than having bored children who are moaning about it being too hot inside, have some fun with them in the garden; fill up a few water balloons and have a water fight! You can let your inner child come out and stay cool too!

Food, Glorious Food…

Your appetite might be lower when it’s hot, but it’s important that you continue to eat as best you can, otherwise you’ll have a lack of energy and will struggle to function correctly! The best thing to do as the temperatures soar is to eat lighter meals, and where you can, avoid using your oven; you’ll be surprised at the amount of heat that this pours into your kitchen.

It can be uncomfortable in the summer as the heat begins to rise, but by following simple steps such as the ones above, you’ll ensure that you beat the heat and stay cool.

If it all gets too much, you could consider heading downstairs and simply lying on the floor (heat rises after all, so this will be the coolest part of your house!) or alternatively, nothing works much better than an ice cold shower to bring your body temperature down!

This post was written by Sally Powell, for Bygone Windows, a leading provider of sash windows that are ideal for the hot summer weather to keep you cool, but also double up as great insulators in the cold winter months.