Become a Salesforce Data Science Engineer with Artificial Intelligence Course


In 2016-2017, Salesforce announced its SALESFORCE Einstein AI — the best AI tool for Marketing Analytics and Sales Performance measurement. As companies grow their dependency on Salesforce platforms, it’s only obvious that more and more businesses look for Salesforce AI engineers.

3% Of Salesforce Engineering Team Members Went to start their own Companies

Today, Salesforce is not just any tech company. It has become a community of technocrats of sorts. Hundreds of programmers, software engineers, analysts, product developers, and AI engineers earned their first taste of success with Salesforce business analytics team. With highly innovative programs like Trailblazer and Corporate Funds, Salesforce not only hires great talent but also trains them from Open Source community.

Only criterion to get huddled in this community — Impeccable workmanship…

Which Platforms can you work in?

Salesforce, which started as a Marketing Cloud solutions provider, has evolved itself into a Business Software and Cloud company in less than 15 years.

You could be working on any of these platforms in Salesforce ecosystem:

  • Big Data
  • Software Engineering and Deployment
  • AI Testing and Risk Analytics
  • Customer Intelligence
  • Retail and E-commerce Cloud
  • Salesforce Einstein AI
  • Tableau AI and BI
  • Mulesoft Customer Success Platform
  • Technology Partner and Customer Service
  • ISV and QA Support
  • Salesforce Lightning

Salesforce is primarily a Cloud company adopted for Marketing, Sales, Commerce, Customer Data, and Business Intelligence. The company has proprietary Marketing and Sales Cloud with automation stacks. However, it also keeps adding start-ups, incubated platforms, and AI teams to directly add to its APIs and SDKs.

The recent acquisition of TABLEAU, a software solutions company for Business Analytics and Data Visualization course, is set to transform the world of decision-making from the Board Room for ever. And, we just witnessed the announcements of Salesforce Marketing Cloud deal with Microsoft Azure! So, all these development automatically translate to more revenues, driven at the back of hiring great talents from best AI Courses.

Why Do the AI Course in this Cloud Industry?

Enterprise software and Cloud business is worth in trillions and it is expected to double its revenue proportion in the next 5 years. The greatest push to this industry has come from adoption of best practices in Automation, Big Data tools, AI and Machine Learning platforms. Today, we are seeing much younger companies competing with legacy software companies, and Salesforce leads the pack.

A Salesforce AI engineer is a coveted role in the Company. You could be most likely to get hired for high quality teams such as Data Engineering, Machine Learning and Deep Learning (Einstein and Mulesoft, Tableau), or for IoT branches. It makes sense to focus on Artificial Intelligence Course to specifically land a job with Salesforce.