Becoming The Spider; Mosquito Control

With Fall coming in full swing, more people are turning off the air conditioning, opening the doors and enjoying the outdoor weather. From barbecues in the backyard to gatherings on the porch, there plenty of activities that draw people outside during this pleasant time of the year. However, spending more time outdoors also means having to deal with the occasional pest; in particular, mosquitoes. These pests are a common cause of blight that is more prevalent in certain conditions over others. Fortunately, there are methods to implement that can allow you to maintain adequate mosquito control and not have to worry about their presence as you enjoy the outdoors.

Common Methods of Mosquito Control
Nobody likes mosquitoes. Their bites are painful and their bloodthirsty nature makes every living thing with exposed flesh a potential victim. They are a prime source of disease, and frankly, their ear buzzing gives people the willies. As someone with a noticeable mosquito problem, regain your precious outdoor domain by implementing a few basic, but effective methods to stop a flourishing mosquito population in its tracks.

  • Adequate Garbage and Recycling Bin Drainage – Mosquitoes require a stagnant source of water in which to lay their eggs. Unfortunately, many people fail to realize that their garbage cans or recycling bins tend to collect pools of liquid as containers, soda cans and other sources get thrown into them over time. To neutralize this, drill holes into the bottom of these containers to promote drainage and keep liquid from pooling.
  • Foggers – Foggers are the perfect proactive way to remove an existing mosquito population. The fog produced by these innovative tools generally consists of microscopic particles that penetrate hard to reach areas where mosquitoes frequently hide. With a powerful insecticide that kills them on contact, a professional fogger is an extremely effective way to clear out mosquitoes fast and create a precious window of time to lay down some preventative measures that will keep them from coming back.
  • Inspect Your Property After Rain – Mosquitoes love a landscape following a rainstorm. To keep them from deciding your property is an enticing place to settle, run a quick inspection after the rain has subsided to ensure there are no areas with noticeable pooling problems. If there are, consider pumping the water out and re-grading the area to keep water from pooling in the future.

Let’s face it; nobody wants their outdoor barbecue hampered by a blight of bloodthirsty mosquitoes. Not only do their bites hurt, but they can transmit diseases. Fortunately, implementing adequate mosquito control is fairly simple and straight-forward. Consider some of the above suggestions if you are suffering from an invasion of these winged pests as part of the battle-plan to retake your outdoor area.

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