Bed Bugs Biting You? You’ll Need To Do More Than Just Beat ‘Em Black And Blue!

Do you remember the old bed bug rhyme? The one that goes “good night, sleep tight; don’t let the bed bugs bite”? Then the rhyme ends with beating the little buggers “black and blue” if they do?
In the case of a bed bug infestation, you’ll need to do more than just beat the little creatures black and blue. This is especially true if the bed bug infestation is so severe that their population can no longer be controlled by simple means such as thoroughly cleaning the house, washing the sheets and curtains, and throwing away severely infested things. If this is what’s happening to your home, then a call to your local pest control company is what you need. Not only can they get rid of the adult bed bugs, but their product also kills the eggs as well.

Professional Pest Control Company Services
If you want to get rid of bed bugs completely, then a pest control company is your best choice. Not only will they inspect your property and look for all the nesting places of these pesky little creatures, but they will also use very effective products in eliminating them. Their product can instantly kill adult bed bugs, and it can also do extensive damage to the eggs, preventing them from hatching. If ever they do hatch, the bed bugs will be so badly deformed that they won’t be able to develop into adult bed bugs and survive, eventually dying.
After the bed bug treatment, the homeowner has to wash all linens and items of clothing infested with bed bugs. It is recommend that he use hot, soapy water to get rid of remaining adult bed bugs and eggs. In addition to this, it is also recommended that he expose the mattress and pillows to direct sunlight for hours. The carpets, curtains, and tapestries should also be exposed to direct sunlight as well. Any bed bug hiding will b e forced to emerge from their hiding places to search for a new one, and the heat of the scorching sun will eventually kill them.
Preventing Further Bed Bug infestation
Once your home is totally free of bed bugs, you have to be very careful that you don’t accidentally bring them back inside your home. Remember, homes don’t just “get” these pesky little creatures, but they are brought inside. Bed bugs are, after all, travelers. This means that they can easily hitch a ride on your backpack or luggage when you visit other places. If you happened to stay at a hotel infested with bed bugs, then you can easily bring one or a couple of bed bugs home with you. From these little creatures, their population could easily get out of hand. After all, one of the bed bugs that might have piggybacked a ride on your bag may be carrying eggs.
For this reason, always check the hotel room thoroughly for any signs of bed bug infestation if you’re going to stay the night there. Do this, too, if you’re going to have to stay at a hospital. Remember, establishments that have a high turnover of guests are commonly plagued by bed bugs, “getting” these pests from their guests as well.

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Jennifer Daggett, a freelance article provider, regularly contributes pest-related articles to Admiral Pest in Irvine. Bed bugs are nasty creatures. Through this article, she hopes to help people prevent bed bug infestation.

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