Beginner’s Buying Guide For Indoor Security Camera

Cameras are not just for the guard of public properties anymore. Today more and more number of people are making use of indoor security camera to secure their home and properties.  So if you too are having plans to buy one to protect and secure your home, this article is just for you.

When it comes to surveillance cameras they are basically used to monitor nanny or kids sleeping in the nursery. Today cameras come with added features and you can detect motion as well as connect them with mobile devices through Wi-Fi technology.

There are a number of cameras available in the market and you have to choose one based on your needs.

  • Bullet cameras: They are the wall-mount cameras used to cover a specific location. You must have noticed these cylindrical cameras at a number of locations.
  • Dome cameras: They are mounted on the ceilings and can be used to cover a larger location. You can even pan, tilt or zoom images and videos using this camera.
  • Live streaming cameras: You can easily mount this camera on a furniture piece. They are used to get live stream of the video without having the need of anyone to control it. Here everything is controlled remotely.
  • Hidden cameras: If you want to monitor the activities of the people without letting them know then this is the right kind of camera for that purpose. You can hide them anywhere from the eyes of the people.
  • Wireless cameras: You can easily install them anywhere and just start using them.

Two of the main things to consider where buying a camera is to know about its resolution and about its viewing angle. Once you have decided these two basic things then you have to consider other few things. They are:

Color or Black & White

If you are using cameras to track down people like who the intruder was? How does he look? What was the color of his clothes? – You need colored cameras for better idea. If you have any cameras focusing the entrance then it will also help to track down their car or bike color and model easily. If you are looking for some cheaper options then better go for a black & white one with better resolution. So wisely choose one based on your needs.

Track Moving Things

No one wants the camera to keep running whole day. So how about one which activates when people move around? No doubt you will have a number of videos of your little dog but it is all what you want, right?

Stream in the Dark

What if you want to stream your hallway or kitchen or rooms in the dark or low light? Then go for cameras that work even in the dark. Now a number of security cameras for indoor come with this facility.

Get the Sound

If you are thinking about hearing too, then you may need to make use of the microphone attached with the cameras. This can be extremely useful when you want to monitor your baby in the nursery. So a little wiring and you are done!

Network for Larger Area

If you want to monitor larger area with more number of cameras, then it would be better to go for security camera system for indoors. You will be able to have a centralized control and can view and record everything on DVD system.

Choosing right camera system can be a bit tricky. But if you keep in mind all the features and your need to install them, you will be able to find the right one among all.