Beijing welcomes Russian President Vladimir Putin

BEIJING—Russian President Vladimir Putin met Chinese President on Tuesday in Beijing, in which they aspired fortifying their relations between the two countries and countervailing America’s influence. Analysts stated that due to China’s admiration of Putin for staying in power in Russia for more than 12 years, both countries will discuss their common intentions to sweep America’s interference out of South Asia. Both countries also oppose Defense Missile System, planned by America, to install in Poland for the protection of Europe against Iran.

During Putin’s stay in China, he will attend a meeting of Shanghai Summit Organization dealing with regional securities. This security summit will include China, Russia and other Soviet countries in Central Asia. Putin stood in utter demarcation to his decision of not attending security meeting hosted by President Obama in United States. Mr. Putin will plan to host talks with world powers on Iranian nuclear issue. Iranian President, Ahmadinejad will also attend the Shanghai Summit as an observer. Putin would meet separately with Iran President, Kremlin announced.

Despite of the fact that both China and Russia’s history started with immense rivalries, they still share common interests. Power equation now rests with China and her total economy is far better and larger than Russia. Both countries have agreed to supply gas lines from Russia to China. Russia, after America, is the second largest producer of gas and being the fastest growing country in the world.

China expected Putin to visit Beijing as his first trip, after being commenced officially as President. But Putin had trip to Germany and France, as Europe is the largest energy consumer of Russia. He also visited Belarus and Uzbekistan in past week. Both countries, in Shanghai Summit, have also engaged an interest in further developing an organization in which Iran plays its role as an observer, not including United States. According to former Obama state administrator, Vali Nasr, Iran is also seen eager and enthusiastic in Shanghai Summit Organization. He also added that both countries are keen to start-up further alliances without the assistance of Unites States. The members of the organization are China, Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and the Kyrgyz Republic along with Iran and Afghanistan as observers.

Russian vice Prime Minister, Arkady V. Dvorkovich, quoted that both countries, despite of their confluent energy needs, will fail to resolve and outstanding issue of gas prices. China is ready to pay only $ 200 to $250 per cubic meter of gas while Russia wants to sell it in the range of $300 to $450.

On the issue of Syria, both countries agreed upon assisting Arab League/U.N. Special Envoy to push political solution. They have also condemned United States for their efforts to remove President Assad.  Both sides also oppose the external interference in Syria. Russia said that if, it came out that President Assad has socially disoriented people of Syria, than both countries will no longer be in alliance with Syria. China also conjured that after American secession from Afghanistan, it will ensure its iron, coal, and other interests in that region by talking to Taliban.