Benefits Of A Basement Excavation

The prices of various properties such as homes are on the rise and the cost of moving to a new place is just unbearable. People have found it much cheaper to extend their properties as opposed to moving. All one has to do is undertake a basement excavation and get an extra bedroom or that much needed study room for your children. 

People have also discovered that the new houses they may be moving into would not give them the satisfaction of a bigger place. Most of these new houses are just semi-detached that have just been extended with an additional bedroom built on the garage. To avoid such frustration one can consider basement excavation services, which are at a much lower cost compared to that of moving to a new place.

Regulations and Permissions

It is important to know that basement excavations usually have regulations and permissions that must be granted before they can take place. They are unique to the property being extended as well as the concerned governing authority. Granting of permission to proceed with the process will in most case be determined by the structural ability of the current property.

Addition of value

What most homeowners do not know is that digging of basements provides a very attractive living area and adds value to your property. Most companies that offer such services have qualified professionals who will work efficiently with minimal disturbance. The workforce will include professionals such as architects, engineers as well as plumbers.

Fire regulations and planning permissions

One will also have to comply with the set fire regulations in a particular state during the digging of the basement. Not all properties require a planning permission to be granted. This usually depends on the size of the basement as well as the location of the property. In most places permission is not required if the extension is being done for the first time and the when it is not go beyond 50 cubic meters on adjoining property.
Once the extension plan has been approved by the local authority, plans for fire regulation and the construction process are then submitted to the same authority for design evaluation as well as structural candidness so as to justify the proposed design. This is followed by a Statutory Commencement Notice issued by the Local authority. Prior to the start of the construction, the contractor is served with the necessary permits.

Equipment required

Some of the equipment that will be needed during the construction will include:

  • A point breaker chisel 
  • Safety boots
  • Concrete mixer
  • Damp proof membrane
  • Double insulation material for the walls

A buyer will always check for permissions for extension of property and its compliance with the set regulations.

Mark Litteur is a freelance writer and home improvement fanatic. For 6 years, Mark has written extensive guides on common home improvement issues. His work has been published on blogs, how-to guides, and professional websites (this is an example).