Benefits Of Affordable Web Hosting Services Provider

There are a number of web hosting providers that come up with many special offers and services to make the hosting plans very cost-effective and attractive.  It only leaves the customers more confused as to who provides the most affordable web hosting servicesThe services also vary among the providers. Most of them try to provide all services including building a new website all together and put it up the appropriate server as per the client needs.

Points to consider:

There a few factors that a customer has to consider while searching for affordable web hosting services. These include:

  • Location: The clients should choose a provider that is close to their business as it helps in faster uploading and offers more SEO benefits
  • Support: The level of support extended is crucial. Providers have to be available round the clock as the online threats to server can ruin the best of websites. Backup and maintenance play a major role.
  • Resources: The customers should check on certain important aspects of resources like bandwidth, speed, RAM, operating system, storage, number of domains etc.

Types of Web Hosting Services:

Linux Hosting: Linux operating system is open source and most popular among majority of internet entrepreneurs. It is the most affordable web hosting services available to the consumers being cheaper than Windows as it does not require any licenses to be purchased. It is flexible and suitable for all types of businesses big or small. Linux also offers more security and reliable and is more stable too in comparison to other operating systems. It is simple to use and can be easily modified.

Windows hosting: Windows is a Microsoft owned technology and carries a license fee on all the products. It integrates all the Microsoft based applications with the server and ideally suited for businesses using ASP.NET framework and MSSQL database.

VPS hosting: Virtual private servers(VPS) is a technology that splits a physical server into several smaller virtual servers. It offers full root access and control to the customers. The VPS hosting provider offers features that take away the restrictions of the shared platform while matching the dedicated server benefits at far more affordable costs.

Dedicated hosting: This form of web hosting has only one customer using a large and [powerful server exclusively for their use. The single customer on the server has complete control and the liberty to install software and hardware of their choice. They alone access all the resources on the server and are assured of the best performance with high security. Though the most expensive of all options, with the plethora of benefits that it offers to its customers it can be rated as a cost-effective and affordable web hosting services available to businesses that have high inflow of traffic.

Cloud hosting: Cloud technology is the affordable web hosting services being heard everywhere these days. It involves a network of many computers and runs applications and programs simultaneously on all the connected servers. He biggest advantages with the cloud technology is its simple and easy to set-up features. Cloud is scalable, agile, highly flexible, reliable, customizable and more affordable.