Benefits Of Becoming A Member Of The British International Freight Association

Benefits Of Becoming A Member Of The British International Freight Association

The British International Freight Association (BIFA) consist of approximately 1500 corporate members, and it is the trade body for freight forwarders in the UK. The BIFA is a non-profit organization which is funded by member subscription. The members are mostly companies from around the UK engaged in supply chain management and logistics functions. These companies are involved in moving goods internationally by air, sea and road. Some of the members of the BIFA are engaged in custom clearance and navigating cross border controls while the others are experts in export, import and transshipment procedures.

Why Become a Member of the BIFA?

Ian Hutchinson from explains why you should become a member of the BIFA, the BIFA is responsible for laying out a professional code of conduct to all its members. These companies pledge to trade under nationally recognized Standard Trading Conditions which are backed by the insurance sector. The BIFA provides ample opportunities for training, development, advice, information, promotions and representations to the membership. Members are a part of a national body that was created to raise quality standards within the freight forwarding industry in the UK.

The BIFA provides a great service to its members by interacting with other international and local institutions and governing bodies related to shipping, transportation and aviation. The political lobbying part is also done by the BIFA on behalf of its members. The BIFA will always guarantee that their members are well represented and listed in the appropriate sectors.

The Association’s Newsletter will keep the members up-to-date on all the matters relating to the industry. “BIFAlink” is a monthly magazine that is distributed among all its members. It inform the readers about the latest changes in the freight forwarding, airline, shipping line and the custom industries.

BIFA conducts classes throughout the year in many locations in the UK. Training sessions for its members as well as international traders are provided by the BIFA. These training sessions cover a wide scope of topics such as export & import procedures, international business procedures, security procedures, customs standards and courses on dangerous goods regulations. Other than these training programs, the BIFA also organizes several conferences and seminars every year. The association is further promoted by attending trade fairs across the UK.

Why You Must Choose a Freight Forwarder Who is a BIFA Member

Members of the BIFA are always committed to uphold the highest standards and offer a highly professional service in the freight forwarding industry. Using a member of the BIFA for your next shipment will ensure that you are in good hands. Call a BIFA member to get the most competitive freight rates and storage charges within the UK.

The BIFA is a dedicated body that is in the forefront of raising standards within the freight forwarding, logistics and supply chain management industry. All their members are UK registered companies, skilled in delivering the best service to you. The members of the BIFA have companies that excels in freight management. There are also specialists in air freight, sea container shipping, courier services, dangerous good carrying experts and road feeder service specialists.

The BIFA website will give a complete list of its members. You can locate members from your region through the search facility on the webpage. The BIFA secretariat receives more than 2000 inquiries every year, and they provide assistance to companies, exporters, importers and various clients. Entrusting your cargo to a BIFA member will ensure that you will have a peace of mind throughout the journey of the shipment.

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