Benefits Of Implementing Organizers Into A Child’s Life

Helping you child stay organized in school can provide a lot of different benefits. The benefits can be short term, such as having higher grades on tests and in classes, or long term such as a better life as an adult.
Organizers can help address specific problems that a child is having both in and out of school.

Forgetting Homework
If a child is forgetting homework frequently then having an organizer can be very beneficial to helping your child stay on task with assignments. Even if you child is not forgetting homework frequently, by implementing organizers you are helping build strong organizational habits that are important for development.
Doing Poorly On Tests
If your child is receiving low marks on tests, there is a good chance that he or she is not getting enough study time in their daily schedule. An organizer can help them get back on track and improve their grades in a few different ways. An organizer can help divide up a child’s free time so that they can be sure to get a solid amount of study time in every day. A good amount of time to allocate to studying is about thirty minutes every school day. This helps the child to remember the lessons that were taught in school that day, and helps engrave the information in the child’s memory. Thirty minutes may not seem like a long time but it adds up throughout the week and has been proven to help with low performance in school.
Forgetting Chores or Events
It can seem extremely frustrating to have a child who consistently forgets to take out the trash, or clean their room. However, giving your child a daily planner can be an extremely effective way to keep them on task. It is also another type of organization that is extremely easy to implement. All that is required to have this working properly is to remind the child a few times a day to look at the planner. With enough consistency the child will eventually begin to use the daily planner to help manage events throughout the day. Daily planners will help build your child’s long term organizational skills, which are vital to their long term success.
Is Never Prepared. Does Everything Last Minute
This is a problem that many parents have to deal with frequently. Your child keeps waking up five minutes before you have to drop them off at school and it is driving you crazy. Unfortunately, this is one of the problems that if not addressed early on in the child’s life can cause serious long term problems with procrastination. To remedy this problem, make your child prepare for everything ahead of time. Before they go to bed make sure that they set out their clothing for the next day. Frequently remind them to prepare for what needs to be done that day.
Make sure that while you are trying to get your child more organized you communicate with him or her. To be the most effective parent you need to understand their point of view. Try to talk with them and help them understand why you feel it is important that they stay more organized. Communication is one of the things that thousands of parents overlook. Communication needs to occur to have the best relationship with your child. Even if your child is going through a phase where he or she doesn’t talk to you much, make sure that you leave the door open for them to start talking anytime.
Reward Good Behavior
As your child becomes more organized make sure you note their success. Reward them in a way that suits both you and the child. If you do not reward the child there is a chance that they will see no point in continuing the recently learned behaviors.
Work With Your Child
This falls in line with communication with your child. Make sure that you are actively trying to help your child with their organization skills. Ask them if they are having any problems and try to address the problem specifically.
Long Term Benefits
There are many life skills that helping your child stay organized brings about. By preparing your child for school with organizers you are helping to create the habit of being organized. That habit will assist them their entire life, and contribute to their success as an adult.
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