Benefits To Buying Online

How many times a day do you check your facebook, twitter or email – a lot? The internet is essential now to most people’s lives whether that’s socially or the workplace or both. £1 in every £10 spent in 2011 was on the internet, there is no denying that shopping online is big business. Do you shop online, if not, why not? This article is looking at the top five benefits of shopping on-line.

1. Convenience

There is no denying that people are busier than ever, whether it’s because of work pressure or family commitments people have less time. Even though people have less time it does not reduce the need for essentials. For example food shopping is essential to everyone; most popular supermarkets now have online delivery services. Food delivery is fantastic, if you live in a city and use public transport it saves you lugging about shopping bags or if you have children it’s a great way of avoiding that dreaded food shop with them in tow. Also as petrol prices now are rising it saves this expensive especially if you don’t love near a supermarket.

2. Prices

We don’t all need reminding that we are in recession, however whatever your financial situation everyone loves a bargain! The internet is fantastic at doing just that because of the competition online. These days their are websites selling anything from unique products to every day items.This can work in the consumers favour because all these sites need to compete with each other. This competition means that prices are kept competitive and that your not going to be charged over the recommended retail price. Not having to buy a physical premises means that prices can be kept to as low as possible. Running a shop can be an expensive business you have to pay rent, bills and obviously staffing costs. If you take away this expense and sell products online you can instantly drop your prices as your out goings are reduced hugely. Infact a lot of businesses now run a drop shipping service which means they never actually see the product they just send the orders to a warehouse. This is why many internet based deals are so much cheaper than in the shops.

3. Variety

One of best features of buying products online is the variety, as discussed there is a huge amount of competition so each website has to be up to date with the latest trends and consumer needs. Many online shops also deal in not only new items but second hand items. This is great for when your looking for an old film or record it makes the shopping process so much easier than searching hundreds of high street shops. Another of the huge benefits of shopping online are the consumer reviews of the stores and products. This puts the power of purchase strongly is favour of the consumer rather that the retailer. Retailers are put under pressure because they know they are constantly reviewed it makes them much more aware of customer service. Traditionally mystery shopping would have been used by businesses to improve their staff however now it is a round the clock process. Due to this businesses will constantly improve their service as they want to increase the number good reviews as this can help to strengthen their brand and increase the number of sales!

There is no denying online shopping is big business. It’s convenient; you get competitive prices and a huge variety that you shouldn’t get on the high street. Give it ago you might just like it, however be warned it is addictive!

Guest Post by Daisy Burgess – Professional blogger for and experience online shopper!