Bernell Gatlin – On the Joys of Living Life to the Fullest

While many people might travel for the sake of refreshment, many others would do so for the sake of taking ideas or for getting newer concepts for their next creative venture. This said, it is something or the other that people all over the world today, do not stay restricted or to one place alone. They just pack up and go and travel everywhere. Today, people travel either alone or in groups and are not shy about even experimenting new things, exploring new places and even meeting people across cultures.

There are hobbies that many people take up or pastime activities that many people have so that they shall be able to unwind and let loose after days or hours at work. Though many people have their capacity to work for long hours uninterruptedly, or without a break, many others do not have that stamina to stretch beyond a certain time limit. This means that they would need breaks and they might be happy to go on a tour or a game now, and then say, once in a fortnight or even a week. But those who work at a stretch for weeks and months together would surely need a long break, and a time for themselves. Bernell Gatlin is one such person who would love to take long breaks and relax as much as he loves his work.

Relaxation is as essential in life as is work. The body is a machine indeed, but just like overworked machines may malfunction or may even stop working altogether the human body too would need rest. There are many people who incorporate fitness regime and good health basics in their day-to-day life. But then again, there are people who may not be able to do basic exercise or look after themselves. Family comes first, no doubt, and responsibilities to run a family might be pressing too, but that said, unless you are fine now and physically and mentally fit, it will be impossible for you to care for others.

Bernell Gatlin understands that the fine logic of good health is a perfect balance of physical fitness and mental relaxation. Your mind should be relaxed and you should try inculcating simple forms of Yoga and breathing exercises, which you can do even in five minute gap that you may otherwise spend in other unproductive work.

Meditations and exercises, if done in regular healthy doses are good enough, and they would serve a lot more benefits than anything else would. This is the reason that Bernell Gatlin plays a game or two or even works out now and then whenever he gets free time.

You will never actually get free time, but then when your health and body is to be looked after then you should not compromise with it. Whether you pack your bags and travel to different places around the world, or whether you simply play around the backyard with a ball, try to relax a bit and watch the wonderful change it brings in your persona.