Best Android Apps For Lawyers

It is imperative for lawyers to stay connected with all the happenings in the world especially near them.  Being connected and updated is a part and parcel of their profession. Smart phones have made them super savvy. Today lawyers use a number of android apps to get into the tricks of their cases and making their case strong. Some of the android applications that lawyers use are:

Top 5 android based applications for lawyers

  1. DroidLaw: This amazing application has free and searchable full texts of federal rules of criminal procedures, civil procedures, bankruptcy procedures and many other laws. If you want to have more specific laws of the state at your disposal, you can purchase them with a small fee. The search ability allows the users to easily find the relevant part of the text easily.
  2. Law Guide: This free to download application is a legal dictionary to get the budding lawyers into the jargon of the law circles. So next time, when you are among your seniors and get stuck on a point, just search on this amazing application and be a part of the discussion.
  3. Harvest Time Tracker: This amazing application helps lawyers to keep a track of their billed hours for every case they are working on. Even records of receipts can be kept easily by clicking the pictures of the receipts and this amazing application will compile them for you. This eliminates the needs of compiling hard copies of receipts and eases the process of remuneration to the lawyer. The best part of the application is that you can use this while being offline also. We wonder how can all this come for free.
  4. Adobe Reader: No one can deny the importance of adobe reader for any smart phone reader. Since the work of a lawyer essentially comprises of a large number of documents, a majority of which are in PDF format, the application becomes all the more important. The in-built editor allows you to highlight or edit the text and share it with other relevant parties.  This app also allows the users to fill and complete PDF forms.
  5. Lawyer’s Calendar Buddy Pro: Only a lawyer can know the importance of this application in its true sense. He needs to keep a track on all the impending dates and the deadlines. Along with all this, this application will keep all the important events in the case history updated in a timeline format. This is surely one app any lawyer can’t do without.

There is no doubt to the fact that these android based applications have made the lives of lawyers easy to a great extent and get them rid of a major part of paper work in which they had to spend their time and channelize their efforts in the most productive directions.

Lawyers have a very hectic schedul and a work profile which keeps them on their toes. This article has been written by Abhishek who writes for a number of disability attorney New York.