Best Apps Out There For Helping You With Home Maintenance

credit: boboroshi

DIY and home maintenance are very important in these days of money saving and this can also be very enjoyable too. Fortunately, now there are many useful apps that empower you to be your own interior designer, painter or handyperson.

Houzz Interior Design Ideas

Houzz is a free app gallery of high-resolution photographs sorted by style, keywords, and rooms thereby allowing the user of the app to find the perfect look for their home. You will be inundated with a myriad of style ideas to bring out your creative side.


Dwell is also a free app – but geared more toward mobile phones – that contains a gallery of photos and videos that provide excellent design ideas for the user while at the same time integrating Facebook and Twitter and all other trending stories.

Home Maintenance by POJO Software Inc

Home Maintenance is an app that helps you to schedule repairs by sending you alerts when the time comes for inspecting items in your home. You can synchronise data with other devices, add photos on the internet and even have schedules for more than one home.

Mike Holmes Make It Right

Mike Holmes Make it Right is a home renovation app that retails for $3.99, and it is a fantastic tool for managing project schedules, keeping track of costs and maintaining employee profiles.

Home Design 3D

You have to love the Home Design 3D app, which is ideally an app that allows you to design your home with simply your finger or a stylus pen on your mobile device or a tablet. You can design a home similar to yours, move furniture around, change colours and even change the floorboards. It will set you back a few dollars but what an app!

The Home Depot

The Home Depot app is an application that connects you to a physical Home Depot store where you can view and purchase products from their massive inventory. You can read user reviews and provided feedback to the store. An even more interesting factor is that you can buy gift cards. The app also provides access to videos but not all are helpful.

Benjamin Moore Color Capture® iPhone® & Android App

The Benjamin Moore Color Capture app is an ingenious app in that it allows you to take a photo of a colour you really like and then use the app to find a matching colour from the Benjamin Moore paint colours. Simply Brilliant.

iHandy Level Free

iHandy Level is an app that allows you to measure angles of slope and picture alignments and probably any alignment using the level in the app. You just place your device on a surface, press the calibration button, and you are able to get an accurate reading.

Carpet & Floor Calculator

The Carpet and Floor Calculator is a highly rated app due to the tasks it accomplishes. It enables the user to calculate labour hours, email quotations, attach pictures, use metric and standard measurements, choose tile and wallpaper sizes and even saves the calculations for you.

Photo Measures

Photo Measures is an app that allows you to take photos of your home and write down the measurements of the particular areas thus making it easier for interior designers and users to know the measurements they will be working with.

Wall Painter

The Wall Painter is an app that allows you to take photos with your phone camera and apply different colours to the area of the home you have a photo of. This has many colour options for you to choose from and it even allows you to take colours from other photos you might have. All these apps can be excellent companions for your home maintenance needs and will simplify your life. So take your pick.

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