Best Apps To Help You Buy A Car

Car shopping is no easy task. There is so much to consider, and there are so many options. Before you start test driving like crazy, check out these apps on your smartphone. They’ll make the car buying process a lot easier for you.; Free

Kelley Blue Book is the best source for determining car values available to the public. Kelley Blue Book’s app will give you all that information in the palm of your hand, which is particularly useful when travelling around to different dealerships and looking at cars. You can use it to find out the current worth of your old car, too. There is a directory to help you find local car dealerships complete with directions, 360-degree photos of cars, and video reviews. Kelley Blue Book will also provide you with the latest news in the auto industry.
New Car Models (2012 Cars); Free

The look of a car is what attracts you before anything else, and cars are always evolving and coming out in new styles. New Car Models is a database of manufacturer’s previews of new 2012 cars. You can use this app to check out what’s currently on the market and see if anything appeals to you. Most cars come with video previews, too. Just about every manufacturer is included in this app, from Ford to Hyundai to Porsche. This app is a quick and easy way to check out new arrivals.; Free

Before you hit the dealerships, which is so time consuming, check out the app. This app will connect you with listings of new and used cars for sale near you. You can search for local cars, search for the car you’re looking for, or just browse what’s out there. This app can help you narrow down the search and introduce you to new options to ensure you don’t miss out on a deal. It’s the best way to compare prices right from your phone. There is also a loan calculator that will help you determine what price you can afford.
Edmunds; Free

Edmunds is another trusted name in the auto industry, and it provides car buyers with incredibly valuable information to make their search easier. With this app, you can search for cars, read customer reviews, get safety and consumer ratings, find out vehicle specs and features, and more. You can also get an estimate on what your car is worth, and find the True Market Value price of each car. You can also locate local car dealerships and get price quotes.; is a great resource for car buyers, and all its helpful information and tools is available at your fingertips with this app. You can browse and search for new and used cars near you, and you can find local dealerships. With an AutoTrader account, you can save all your searches and picks to access later from any device. You can even scan the VIN of any car, and will suggest similar cars for sale near you.

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