Best Audit Companies To Work For

What makes a company a truly great business to work for? To be sure, high benefits and a guaranteed pension are attractive draws, but if a company does not have a positive and supportive corporate climate the workday seems to drag on and on. Many businesses in the audit industry are known for being among the best workplaces in the country, combining generous benefit packages, upward mobility, and a genuinely fun and exciting daily routine. When searching for an auditing job, make sure that the position clearly states the length of employment as well as the travel requirements. The nature of auditing lends itself to temporary employment, and if the following permanent firms do not suit a particular schedule or living situation, there are dozens of recruiters that specialize in temporary placements.  Focusing on the Big 4, here is a summary of opportunities and benefits available:

PricewaterhouseCoopers International Limited is the largest financial firm currently operating in England. With more than 100,000 employees across the globe, PwC has nearly limitless opportunity for internal advancement. In a survey of financial professionals that was published in the 2010 Economist magazine, PwC ranked as the best place to work in England, mostly due to the high compensation package and the on-site training that PwC provides to all employees. PwC provides auditing services for the majority of England’s major corporations, and its auditors get experience in a variety of sectors and situations. For professionals with interests in the acquisitions area of auditing, PwC manages some of the largest acquisitions and mergers in the world.
The strength of Deloitte is its strong corporate culture and its international presence. Deloitte is primarily an American company, but its English branch has been expanding in recent years to rival some of the local London-based auditing services. Deloitte also invests a great deal in developing its employees, maintaining an actual university solely for training its many accountants and auditors. Deloitte University is a 107 acre ranch with 35 classrooms and luxury accommodation, showing that Deloitte values its employees for their contribution to its bottom line.
Ernest and Young and KPMG join PWC and Deloitte in the “Big 4” auditing firms.  Ernest and Young is a global organisation with offices in more 140 countries across the work.  It is the most global of the big 4 and it has main service areas – Assurance services, tax services, advisory services and transaction advisory services.  Ernest and Young offer great opportunities for school pupils, undergraduates and graduates, encouraging people to think about their careers at early age.  KPMG run a similar programme, highlighting that this is a competitive industry.
It is clear that these 4 are great companies and that the competition is high, so think ahead and apply for a position in good time.
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