Best Camping Destinations In South Africa

Are you tired of going to the same camping destinations year in and year out? We made a list of new camping sites you can go to since there are so many out there that people don’t even know about. Get your camping gear ready and take some leave, you don’t want to miss these destinations.
Kruger Park
The Kruger Park is an amazing location for people who love the wilderness. The Kruger Park has many safari trips to offer and you will be able to spot wild and rare animals. When you’re on the truck for the safari you will be with a professional guide who will tell you interesting facts about the park as well as help you spot all of the animals lurking or trotting along the wilderness. If you are lucky, you might see a Cheetah, Lion, Rhino or Elephant.
If you enjoy luxurious accommodations you won’t be disappointed since the Kruger Park has many lodges available with 5 star dishes and rooms. So there’s a place for the adventurous camper and the luxurious traveller in this magnificent park full of exciting and majestic creatures. Remember to pack your camera; you’ll want to remember this trip for the rest of your days.
Ceres Dennebos
Ceres is close to Gouda and Tulbagh and when you drive towards the camping site you will be enthralled by the majestic mountains and cascading waterfalls along the road. The town is quaint but beautiful and sits in the bowl of the mountain. When you get to the Dennebos you will be surrounded by pine trees and a great relaxing atmosphere. There’s camp sites, barbecue areas, canoe rides and play areas for the kids. If you’re adventurous you can go into the mountain and swim in the cold mountain pools on a hot summer day.
Mossel bay
If you enjoy a fishing village you’ll enjoy the camping sites in this little town. It’s not a village anymore but it still has a small town flare to it. That’s if you ignore the mall and water world on the other side of town. It’s almost as if Mossel bay has a split personality of a fishing harbour with its beautiful beaches on the one side and a commercial hub on the other side.
Just remember to book your stay early in the year since all of the camping sites are very popular with the locals as well as overseas travellers.
Ruan Smit is a constant traveller and that’s why he enjoys sharing his experiences on the Kruger park safaris and hiking trips he constantly goes on.