Best Ceiling Fans To Save Energy

Fans have had a longer history than we can expect. These devices have been used since olden times as stated by various historical records and since the moment they were introduced to general public they have been studied and used carefully to increase their efficiency. Not only have the customers tried to increase their efficiency but also the companies making them have moved mountains to make them a lot more better and not only to make them more efficient.

 The ceiling fans were introduced to the general public in the year 1908 (might have been introduced earlier but the first mention is this year). Over the span of time that the general public has used it the device has evolved drastically. This very device which used to be bulky in size and really heavy initially when it was introduced has now due to the development in the technology, has become more compact and the weight is very less as per what used to be. This small change is very much responsible for the device being much more efficient and effective. The ceiling fans that we use these days have more speed in terms of RPM. The airflow or the circulation of air in terms of CSM has increased and the airflow efficiency has also increased drastically which has made the ceiling fans very efficient electrical devices. The recent addition to the evolution of ceiling fans are the BLDC motors. These motors are brushless and have a controlling electronic chip which makes its life longer and speed greater than the induction motors. These are the elements which have made the fans efficient and faster and they have options like sleep mode, timer in the remote control.

Despite the ceiling fans in general being really efficient there are few which are the best of the best. The most energy efficient fans are:

  • The best fan in terms of energy conservation is the Atomberg gorilla ceiling fan. The fan was launched in the year 2015 and consumes only 28 watts of electrical power. It comes with a 3 year warranty and has a marked price of 3600 INR.
  • Orient electric Ecotech: The model was launched in 2015 and has a sweep size of 1200mm. the fan is made to work on BLDC motor and has a power requirement of 32 watts. The maximum speed of the fan is 320 RPM. It has a price range of 4600 INR to 4850 INR.
  • Orient electric Ecogale: The company launched this model in 2017 and this model has the same specifications as the Ecotech but this is expensive and has a price range of 6500 INR to 6850 INR.

** both the fans are remote controlled and do not require any external regulator to work.

  • Superfan super A1: The device has a power consumption of 35 watts and a sweep of 1200 mm. the device has the max velocity of 350 RPM. The price range of the device is between 3200 INR to 3400 INR.
  • Superfan Super X1 or X7: The device has similar specifications as the A1 model but the speed is 385RPM instead of 350 and the price is 2500 INR to 2900 INR.
  • Superfan Super V1: The device has a sweep of 1400 mm and power consumption of 38 watts. The device has a maximum sped of 270 RPM and it costs between 2700 INR to 3100 INR.

** All the fans of the company superfan come with a two year warranty.