Best Counties For NJ Commuters With A Hot Route To NYC

Thousands of people commute for work from New Jersey to New York on a daily basis. With this large amount of people traveling on the road every day, traffic is inevitable. Sitting in traffic is not only irritating but it actually costs you money. You burn through a lot of gas by sitting idly and pulsating on the gas pedal in bumper to bumper traffic. While living in New York City may seem to make better sense than commuting, there are good reasons why people prefer living on the outskirts. For one, taxes in New York are through the roof and the hustle and bustle of city life isn’t for everybody. For these reasons, many New York based employees flock to surrounding states like New Jersey. Quick routes to Manhattan and affordable homes for sale in Bergen County NJ and other northern counties make New Jersey an ideal place to live.

The idea is to get as close to New York as possible without actually being in the state. Hudson County in Northern New Jersey would be a prime residence for a commuter because you can get into the city by train, bus or car. Hudson County is also home to great cities such as Hoboken and Bayonne. When commuting to New York from Bayonne, New Jersey, the travel time can be as little as ten minutes. In the farther towns in Hudson, it may take anywhere from 45 minutes to 1 hour to get to the city. Taking into consideration some people commute for two to three hours, that travel time still puts you in good shape.
Essex County ranks second best as far as location and proximity to the city. With amenities like Hudson County such as light rails and bus routes, getting into Manhattan can be a walk in the park. Great historic cities like Montclair and Cedar Grove offer a humble place to raise a family with little ones. Decked with parks and scenic areas Cedar Grove is the perfect place to entertain a small child. Older kids who plan to attend college can find convenience alongside great academics at Montclair State University.
The county that encompasses all of the benefits a New Jersey commuter would want is Bergen County. Travel time to the city can take as little as five minutes and at even the farthest end of Bergen, will take forty five minutes, depending on traffic and weather of course.  From public transportation, great schools and moderately priced homes for sale, in Bergen County NJ having it all is easy. Towns like Hackensack and Palisades Park reflect some of the diversity in New York City with vibrant locals and quaint boutique lined streets.
You may not have a choice about where you work, but you do have a choice on where you live. Make life a little easier by moving closer to the city so you can have more time doing the things you want and not the things you have to.

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