Best Exotic Foods You Should Try in Malaysia

Are you planning to go Malaysia? Do you know what the most exotic food in Malaysia is? Whenever you visit Malaysia there are some foods that you must try. It’s a specialty of the Malaysia that most known for exotic and delectable food. Some of the cooking style

There are several dishes that quite popular as well as delicious that you would like to taste again and again. We come up with one of the best delicious and exotic foods that you must try in Malaysia.

Otak Otak

This dish is popular among the chef celebrities among the world. It’s available in many restaurants in Malaysia. The taste of the dish comes from fish meat that mixed with the tapioca starch and species. It’s wrapped in the banana leaf and popular among the south Asia. It’s delicious when you eat with the rice and it looks really great. Muar and Johor in Singapore are quite popular for the dish Otak Otak. So if you are in Singapore then never forget to visit there.

Bak Kut Teh

It’s one of the famous dishes of Chinese that popular in Malaysia. It’s not only famous but it’s one of the traditional dishes too. The name of the dish translated from hokkien as “meat bone tea”. As the name shows, it includes meaty pork ribs that mix with herbs and spices. The best part of the dish is that it serves in the big bowl with spoons. Everyone have to rake out of it and put in their rice. It’s one of the yummy dishes that you would never like to miss to eat it.

The Red Snapper

Red snapper is the simple name for various fish species. The recipe has been one of the quite interesting recipes because it’s made from fish. It’s a pink fish that you must eat once in a life. It’s popular in many countries but it’s most popular in Malaysia. It’s available in Malaysia and popular among local people too.

Sambal Oelek

It’s not a regular type of sauce. It’s quite popular because many things that are mixture of chili peppers as well as with many ingredients such as sauce, garlic, shallot, scallion, lime juice and so on. The popularity of Sambal Oelek cannot be major because it’s also popular in some overseas countries. It’s made from traditional tools such as stone pestle and mortar. It can be raw and cooked. You can prepare in bulk and can easily store whenever you want to stored.

Maggie Ketam

Do you like hot and spicy food? If yes, then Maggie Ketam is one of the best foods for you. It’s really popular in Malaysia. It’s also known as the instant Maggie in Malaysia. May you have eaten several types of noodles but it’s a different thing that available everywhere in Malaysia

So above are the most popular dishes in Malaysia. If you are visiting Langkawi, then, in order to explore the island, you surely would like to hire a car or traverse that comforts your journey. The Langkawi car rental services are able to explore your tour and navigate streets that you see natural as well as the manmade attraction of the Malaysia. The food and travelling of Malaysia can become one of the memorable moments of your life. So make sure that you enjoy the food, rent a car, visit every attraction, ride in a boat and give the peace to your soul.