Best Foods To Keep Your Teeth Healthy

Best Foods To Keep Your Teeth Healthy
Keep Your Teeth Healthy -

Many people wonder how they can change their diet habits to be healthier. There are a lot of benefits of a healthy diet. In some cases, healthy food can help you stay fit, lose weight or even remove the stains from your teeth.

If you have problems with your teeth, you need to monitor what you eat. For example, keep an eye on sugary snacks and foods. How many times a day do you eat sweets and chocolates? If you’re ready to change your eating habits to improve the health of your teeth, here are some food suggestions for you:

Keep Your Teeth Healthy –

Dairy Products

Your teeth are made of enamel – the hardest material in human body. You need to get enough calcium to keep your teeth and bones in a good shape. Dairy products contain calcium that is vital for the health of your teeth and gums. The lack of calcium can deteriorate the condition of your gums and encourage the gum disease. Your teeth are weak when you don’t have enough calcium in your body. Consider drinking a cup of milk every day and your teeth will stay healthy and shiny. If you don’t like drinking milk you can have a bowl of cereal in the morning. You can have healthy unsweetened yoghurt for a snack or cheese in the evening. Cheese is another product that contains a lot of calcium.

Your diet should be balanced, as the lack of Vitamin D in your body wouldn’t stimulate the absorption of calcium. Eggs, butter and fish oil are great sources of vitamin D.

Fresh Fruits

Everyone knows that fresh fruits are full of vitamins. However, not that many people know that fruits are also nature’s toothbrushes. Apples, grapes and strawberries can help you in whitening your teeth. Acids from citrus fruits are also great at cleaning your teeth. Vitamin C also helps to keep your gums in a healthy state. Vitamin C boosts your immune system thus limiting the spread of oral bacteria. Eating colorful fruits means consuming more vitamin C.

Fresh Vegetables

Raw vegetables, such as carrots and celery, are great for your teeth. Chewing on a carrot would massage your gums and polish your teeth. Antioxidants and vitamins provide a natural protection to your teeth. Broccoli contains incredible amounts of Vitamin C and phosphorous that your body uses to consume calcium. Chewing will keep your teeth strong and would also produce saliva that combats bacteria.

Green Vegetables

Leafy vegetables are essential for your oral health as they contain vitamins and minerals. Kale, cabbage, collard, lettuce and spinach are generally good for your health. These green leafy vegetables are rich with phosphorous, calcium, vitamin A and C and magnesium. Kale contains Vitamin K – an essential building block of bones and your jaw. Brushing and flossing are the obvious ways to take care of your teeth. However, your diet is an important factor in your health. Your nutrition affects the quality of your teeth. Proper diet habits can help you keep all your dental fillings intact and avoid getting new ones in the future.