Best Nightclubs In India To Go A Party This Weekend

Best Nightclubs In India To Go A Party This Weekend

India is not only a place known for its amazing culture and beautiful monuments; it also has a lovely nightlife that cannot be missed. Some of the cities like Goa, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Pune, Kolkata and Delhi and Hyderabad are known for their amazing nightlife and experiencing them can be one of the most amazing ones. Well, we have a few recommendations for you to explore Hyderabad Nightlife.

Come on let us take a sneak peek of some of the Best Nightclubs in India to go a Party this Weekend!

SinQ Club, Goa

Goa has been one of the most happening places and this one place where you would find a lot of party animals throughout the year and Goa does not only have some of the best outdoor places to enjoy. It is known as the best places for having indoor parties as well and if you are in search of the Nightclubs then, you must certainly visit the SinQ Club, Goa.

This club is known for its perfect ambiance and attracts a lot of party lovers from all over. The deck above accommodates a lot of people and you could simply bask in the sun whole day. But, if you want the sun rays penetrating through the water, you can simply jump into the water as well. Well, we guess this place now be calling you! Isn’t it? Why don’t you keep this as one of the Best Nightclubs in to go to if you are planning for a party?

Trilogy, Mumbai

Do you get more attracted towards the ambience than the models in the club? Then, you must certainly visit this beautiful club Trilogy in Mumbai which has a lovely red staircase leading you to one of the best dance floors. Wow! This is so exciting, isn’t it? Pack your bags or if you are hunting for some nightclubs to have some fun then, you must certainly make sure that you take a visit to this place.

Skyye Lounge, Bangalore

Are you planning for a date party with your partner and wondering which could be the ideal place to hang out in the busy streets of Namma Bengaluru? We have an amazing idea for you to plan your weekend party with your date without any apprehensions. Sit on the 16th floor of the beautiful Skyye Lounge bar located in the UB city holding hands enjoying the view of the beautiful night view of the city having some of the most exquisite drinks.

Over the Moon, Hyderabad

Being listed as one of the most famous nightclubs, Over the Moon boasts about hosting some of the most top notch parties in Hyderabad. No other clubs have been ever able to compete with this club at all. Be it the classy dance floor or the super class sound system this club has it all. Well, if you want to help yourself with a drink you can choose one and also if you are interested in bumping into the Tollywood stars then, this is one of the best places to enjoy the Hyderabad Nightlife.

Area 51, Pune

Have you dreamt of being on a spaceship with a bottle of beer or a goblet of wine enjoying and tapping feet over a favorite dance number of yours? If you are getting excited about the idea then, you must certainly visit the Area 51 in Pune.

The topmost level of the club revolves while the lowest floor is an exclusive dance floor. If you want to throw a private party, this is the place because this place has some of the expert chefs who can cook wide variety of cuisines and this can be another reason to go this lavish club.

Tantra, Kolkata

Moving to the grooviest music in Kolkata, a fabulous idea; isn’t it? Well, the land of Durga Pooja also has one of the best clubs. With its two lovely bars and an extremely spacious hang out area this has been one of the most chosen clubs to host a lot of events related to the fashion industry. Well, a place like this is worth the visit; check-in to this club and have fun!

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