Best Product Packaging

The way that you package your products says a lot about the product itself as well as your company. If you make your product packaging stand out from the competition, you may receive sales just because it piques a consumer’s interest.

Product packaging comes in many different forms, and some companies get really creative. The following are some of the best product packaging on the market today.

Anti Theft Lunch Bags

These get major props for both their creative packaging as well as the product. Anti-Theft Lunch Bags are plastic sandwich bags that have blobs of green on them to look like mold. These are to be used for your community fridge at work to keep lunch thieves at bay.

The packaging gets an A too because of its simplicity—these zippered sandwich bags come packaged in a “moldy” brown paper lunch bag. Simple? Yes. Creative? Double yes.


Rellana Wool

Wool may not seem like the most interesting product to have to package. it’s wool. But the team at Ogilvy, Frankfurt took a boring product and turned into product packaging genius. With pieces of wool sticking out on both the top and bottom, the packaging is a simple paper wrap adorned with the face of a human, and the protruding wool looks like both hair and a beard.

The Design Business Bottle

Wouldn’t it be nice to purchase a bottle of wine that comes with two glasses? The packaging design of this wine came from Ampra Design, a Romanian design firm. Not only does The Design Buisiness Bottle itself have two necks, but the packaging is a simple glass case that turn into cups when removed. Elegant and convenient rolled into one.

Smirnoff Caipiroska

Also dubbed “the reelable bottle”, this product packaging has innovation written all over it. Depending on the flavor of the vodka, each bottle is wrapped in a diagonally perforated foil that resembles the fruit. To open, customers simply peel the paper away, just as if they were unraveling a peeled piece of fruit. When a bottle was ordered, they were also sent in a wood crate, just like shipped fruits.

Gloji Juice

Gloji Juice is a 100% natural juice that is used to spark energy. This drink is packaged in a bottle shaped as a light bulb, giving a subtle reference to its energy producing qualities. It gives a unique take on juice.

Human Blood Caffeinated Energy Potion

This fruit punch flavored energy drink is packaged to look like synthetic blood in a sealable transfusion bag. It looks like blood, and it also has the same color and consistency as blood. The transfusion bag is resealable, and if you hang it from a peg, it will actually look like it’s real blood hanging on an IV.

Butter Better

Disposable butter may be great to have on hand while picnicking or to send in a packed lunch, but you also need to have a knife on hand to spread it. Butter Better removes this issue by replacing the cap with a wood top that you can use to spread the butter. Though its a simple design, it’s the convenience that makes it one of the best.

George Simmons lives in Miami and works for a Miami printing company.  He likes to write about product packaging ideas and graphic design in his spare time.