Best Spy Apps For Your Android Device

Spy app

The android spy apps are not for the purposes which we have usually seen in the movies. The agents utilize the software to breach the security of their enemies and steal confidential data from the enemy’s devices. The spy apps which we are going to discuss with you are for social purposes and for legitimate reasons. These tech android spy software has created to serve humanity and the issues they are facing while using the modern technology in the shape of digital media, the internet and many others things.

Following are the top android spy software for android devices.


You need to think about this particular spy app, why it stands the number one position. The cell phone monitoring application brings all the solutions within a single spy app which people have to use by getting plenty of apps. TOS has more than 130 state of the art features along with the 17 instant messengers and with reasonable price. The spy app has features such as Bug their phone, spy on messages, spy on calls, Keystrokes, view multimedia files, IM’s social media, internet browsing, remotely phone control, read emails, Track GPS location and Instant Alerts features and any others.

Children Tracker Spy App

The modern technology has totally changed the vision of the nightmares such as criminals, stalkers, online bullies and many other rogue elements of the society. Therefore parents know that their kids can become the victims of all these criminal elements through social media. They can track young kids and teens from social media and after that can reach to them in real life. So, parents can look after their kids by using the children tracker spy app in order to know their exact location 24/7.

Ear Spy App

This is a very interesting type of spy app knows as Ear spy app, immersed in your music but within complete secrecy. The mobile spy app amplifies the sounds in your surroundings through device MIC and then to your earphone. It can pick up your conversations completely along with the accurate listening conditions.

Mobile Hidden Camera

It is also one of the most effective spy apps no doubt about it, is actually a hidden camera app. You just need to install it on the android device then hit the black screen and get a rapid snapshot. It also empowers you to make videos. Once you have entered in the video mode and it will completely read the feed by default. The application has plenty of camera features which are very user-friendly.

Sneaky Cam Spy App

It will seem like you are holding something else rather than spy camera known as sneaky cam Spy app. You just need to select the background of your choice in order to show when a sneaky camera is on. Its background image could be a browser or it might be a shot of any music player. You just need to hit on the screen and then gets started capturing the images and no one is able to catch while doing this hidden act.

Spy Messages Spy App

Let’s suppose you have made your mind to send a confidential message to your friend and also you don’t want to remain these particular messages within your friend’s phone. You just need to give a time to your message, after the completion of the time it automatically deleted from your friend’s phone. Spy messages app enable you to exchange secret messages and appointments along with the given time, after the completion of time, messages will be deleted itself.

Secret Calls Spy App

The secret calls spy app always protects your contacts and calls. The app can easily hide your contact list icon and no one is able to see your phone book. It also has the feature of automatically delete incoming and outgoing call logs, so no one is able to track your logs within your phone.

Spy Video Recorder App

Let’s suppose you are an agent and you don’t want your recording device to show as turn off in order to prevent a mess that your target enables to know that he/she is being monitored. The video recorder app does the same thing, it alarms you before and after pictures of the particular place, you are monitoring such as at the time of suspicious movement.