Best Tips For Getting Started With A Bail Bond Agency

If you have ever experienced the frightening and disheartening phone call that a friend or loved one was just arrested, you know the confusion that goes through your mind. You may start to wonder if they are ok, what the exact arrest was for and what you can do to help them. In cases where there is a bail posted, many people choose to use this opportunity and get their loved one out of jail so that they can figure out a plan for the trial. But even when it is posted, it can be difficult to determine the exact steps that you should take.

The first step should always be to hire a professional to ensure that the process goes smoothly and easily. Agents, such as those at Expert Bail, are knowledgeable and experienced in what is necessary to help get your loved one or friend out from behind bars.

Here are some of the best tips for getting started with a bond agency.

1. Have all of your information together before making the call.

The first thing the agency will want to know when you call is what jail the accused is at, what the bond has been posted for, the charge and booking number and their full name. Without this information, the agents will not be able to get them out of jail.

2. Be available.

Once you’ve contacted the bond agency, make sure that you remain available for contact via telephone. If there is any difficulty or any information that is needed specific to the case, they may need your assistance.

3. Be aware of how much you will owe up front.

The standard rate is approximately 10% depending on the person and the charge. Acknowledge this amount up front, and be prepared to pay the portion necessary to release the person charged.

4. Have collateral ready to offer.

Because the bond agents have to pay the full amount up front, some instances require the agency to obtain certain collateral to ensure that the payment will be returned. Start thinking about what collateral this may be, such as a house, boat, car or any other expensive item that may help.

Posting bail does not have to be difficult or overwhelming with the help of an experienced and reliable bond agent. Use experts to guide you through the process and make the right decisions when getting your friend or loved one out from behind bars.

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