Best Vehicles For Summer Active Sports

Summer is a time for outdoor adventures and fun but in order to get from point A to point B, an individual needs the vehicle that is built to tout the latest gear while providing a safe a reliable ride. Whether it is getting to the nearest clean break beach, a class 4 backpacking route or just the off-the-beaten path stretch of road for a long, relaxing bike ride, there is a vehicle built for each activity. Some of these activities will require all-wheel drive, while other times the only thing that is important is how many coolers will fit in the trunk. Here are a number of different vehicles that are best for a variety of different outdoor activities while taking into account the intangibles that make these vehicles the best for getting to the next adventure.

Jeep Wrangler
Everyone grows up wanting a Jeep Wrangler, mainly because they look so cool and every driver looks like the ultimate outdoorsman. For those that are looking to get to that remote and peaceful surf spot, a Jeep Wrangler is the vehicle that is going to be the best bet for attacking sandy beaches. Not only is the vehicle equipped with all-wheel drive and high clearance to get through those tough grooves in the sand, it is also the perfect vehicle for carrying a surfboard. If the board doesn’t fit in the vehicle, just take the top off and look that much cooler.

For those worried about vehicle safety while hanging ten, the ‘add a trunk’ feature is one that creates a mini trunk in the rear of the vehicle for hiding valuables. Recent updates to the vehicle allows the Wrangler to boast a 3.6-liter Pentastar V6, which not going gives the vehicle more power, it also touts a better fuel economy. Starting at less than $20,000, the Wrangler is a solid bet for anyone looking for the perfect beach escape vehicle.

Audi A3
Part of the fun of cycling is finding the remote roads that are just as much to drive as they are to ride, which makes the Audi A3 the perfect vehicle for those twisting and curvy roads. Turbocharged and available in both a gasoline and diesel the A3 is a versatile vehicle prepared for all types of road conditions. Equipped with speed-sensitive power steering, the A3 is prepared for even the sharpest turns, allowing cyclists to explore the road before taking it on with their bicycle.

Although the A3 comes ready for a bike rack, the vehicle is technically a wagon, providing ample space for a bicycling in the trunk. With the ability to carry up to two bikes if both seats are folded down and more if a bike rack is installed, the A3 is ready for all group sizes. With all-wheel drive readiness, the A3 is just as fun to drive to the destination as the destination itself.

Ford Flex
For those looking for the ‘Into the Wild’ experience, the Ford Flex has everything needed to get lost in the wilderness. With plenty of room for backpacks, tents and sleeping bags, the Flex has 2,350 liters of cargo space when the seats are folded down. For a quick day hike, there is ample space for a large group of friends to go back and forth from the trailhead. With three rows of the seats the Flex will fit up to seven friends.

Equipped with skylights throughout the vehicle (that’s right, multiple skylights), it is easy to take in all of the surroundings before even leaving the vehicle. If bucket seats are more your style, the second row can come equipped with a miniature fridge in order to keep supplies cool. The Ford Flex is a perfect vehicle for all different types of wilderness adventures.

The summer provides a variety of outdoor activities but in order to full enjoy these activities, the right vehicle is necessary. Finding the right vehicle just depends on the type of activity but rest assured there is an outdoor vehicle available regardless of the adventure.

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