Best Way To Transport Tile

Properly transporting tile can be a subject that many can tell you horror stories about. Transporting large scale tiles is a difficult matter and depending on if the company is shipping, or you are doing the shipping it can be daunting to say the least.

In shipping or transporting smaller size tiles one can find out just carrying a few boxes to a project site can be tricky. Breaking and cracking tiles in their original factory shipping cartons can be an issue. When transporting tiles in a car etc. sometimes putting them in the trunk is not the best of ideas. Trying to put support under the boxes or crates in most cases is the only way for the tiles to ride out the road surface. When buying or looking in on more information with transporting, be it looking in for a Dallas Granite outlet or any professional outlet nearby, one should ask if there are options to getting your tile home.

Large scale tiles pose a serious problem even in professional shipping. These tiles if not properly put into a truck can easily crack or become damaged. The only correct way to haul or ship these tiles are on their ends, much like you ship a mirror, window or other fragile items. The strength of any item like this is in the idea of it standing on its end. Tile laid down flat will most definitely be a problem as this will cause the item to either flex under pressure or snap and crack under a jolt from outside the crate.

On the basis of types of tiles, one can determine how to pack or ship without to much issue. Packing porcelain tiles can be somewhat easy as they are one of the most rigid tiles in production. Using clay or Terra cotta tiles can be a problem and one has to take caution when packing on their own. Each tile in this category has a tendency to chip very easily and also to scratch if two tiles should rub together. Packing this type of tile has to be in an apposed or unfinished back together with some type of foam wrapping between other face to face tiles. Without this precaution there will be a lot of damage even if personally hauling the tiles to a project site.

Granite and stone pose another set of shipping and hauling problems. Both of these types of tiles can be brittle as they are a harden type tile. Both also pose issues due in fact to weight proportions when shipping in wooden crates. Even something as a forklift mistake can cause the tiles inside to be damaged. Hauling this type of material is something left to a professional even if taking a short distance to a site where it will be professionally installed. When seeking professional help with shipping and transporting granite and stone type tiles, be it looking in for a Dallas Granite outlet or any other nationwide outlet store; ask all important questions concerning this problem.

Transporting imported tile is another issue at hand. High end Italian tile costs just the same as low end tiles from China. So in determining the correct way to ship is one thing, but cost measures in all shipping can be higher then expected due in part from the weight. Many tiles are being shipped in containers and once again this is a cause for damage depending on the handling of the container itself.

No matter what type of tile, not matter the weight or the fragile nature of the tile one should take every possible precaution to getting the tile to the project site in one piece. If the tiles are ordered and shipped by the manufacture then be sure to have in writing about noted damages and returns for these products. Taking some simple safety measures when hauling tiles by yourself can and will make a project go much easier.

Reg Harding has broken enough tiles in his time. Lesson learnt.