Best Websites To Help You Support Our Troops

There are thousands of soldiers overseas, and as civilians it is our job to support them. If you’re interested in supporting our troops but aren’t sure what you can do, here are five great websites that will help you find a way.

Support Our Troops is a large nonprofit organization that helps soldiers and their families in many different ways. If you want to help, you have many options through this website. Support Our Troops has programs like the Care Pak program that sends care packages to troops; the Military Paws program that sends treats and supplies to K-9s and their soldiers; the Troop Jerky program that sends soldiers one of the favorite treats, beef jerky; and the Education Fund that helps provide educational opportunities to soldiers’ children. Individuals are encouraged to participate or donate in whatever way they choose, and businesses can also help in big ways, like donating company stock.

Soldiers’ Angels is a nonprofit organization that aims to let “no soldier go unloved.” There are also many different ways you can participate. For a donation as little as $1, you can become a verified Angel. Angels can participate in many different groups such as the Letter Writing Team that writes letters to soldiers; Patriotic Pillowcases, which gives handmade pillows to wounded soldiers; Angel Bakers, which sends homemade baked goods to soldiers; and Scarves, which provides handmade scarves to help protect soldiers from heat, sand, and wind. Other groups of Angels support soldiers’ families and children, military chaplains, veterans, and more. No matter what your skills are or how you want to help, you can find an Angel group for you.

Operation We Care is dedicated to sending care packages to soldiers overseas. If you would like to participate, you can check out the list of items the soldiers have requested and send some of those items on the list. Operation We Care will create care packages with a variety of the items they receive and send them to troops. You can also donate money by purchasing car magnets or T-shirts. If you know of a soldier overseas, you can add them to the recipient list so they may receive a care package, too.

The Yellow Ribbons Group is a nonprofit organization that also sends care packages to soldiers overseas. You can view the wish list of requested items, and you can add the names of soldiers and military families to the list of potential recipients. One program the Yellow Ribbon Group runs is Operation Cookie Drop. Donations to Operation Cookie Drop enable the Yellow Ribbon Group to include Girl Scout cookies in every care package they send overseas.

The Letters to Soldiers website has a very simple and quick yet meaningful way to support the troops. All you have to do is fill out an electronic submission form with your letter to the troops, and Letters to Soldiers will forward it to our servicemen and women overseas. Letters to Soldiers also has service programs and care package programs that you can get involved with.  

Arnie Jefferson is a former military serviceman and freelance writer who loves to blog about everything from advice on how to show support for our troops to new robotics technology.

Photo Credit: virtualsupply