Beware Of Raspberry Ketone Danger For Weight Loss

Raspberry ketone is one of those few supplements that have gained immense popularity with the people who need to reduce their weight. While many have found the naturally phenolic compounds good for keeping a good health, the supplement form carries many side effects that can potentially damage your health in many ways. Surely, raspberry ketone danger is should be known to you beforehand.

It is also true that a lot of hype has been created in media about the weight loss benefits of the ketone. But it is not yet clearly proved that they are actually as beneficial as they are propagated. One of the reasons for increasing use of the supplement for weight loss is the statements issued by the celebrities in its favor. No one knows the intention of celebrities behind speaking so favorably for these products when there are recorded evidences of the side effects of the supplement.

Do not be mislead by the propaganda that raspberry ketone is a wonder drug for weigh loss and that it will get rid of your excessive body fat magically. Know it right away that you have to go through an exercise regime and many dietary changes to gain the desired low body weight. The supplement alone is never going to help your cause.

While there are studies on mice that raspberry ketone has reduced their body fat and prevented it from accumulation. But the research was on mice and not on humans. So the results are not that authentic when it comes to benefits of the ketone for humans. But it is sure that there is raspberry ketone danger for humans when they consume it for weight loss purpose. Here are some of those serious adverse impacts.

Overdose is Dangerous

The raspberry ketone danger is that you are likely to consume it in excessive quantities in your zeal to loose weight quickly in few days. We know that the ketone speeds up your body’s metabolism so that the body can burn the fat in faster manner. Fast burning of fat is necessary to keep a thin body shape. But if you take greater than recommended quantities of the supplement it can pose serious side effects for your body.

Feeling of Jittery

Many people feel jittery after consuming the supplement. This raspberry ketone danger is due to the fruit known for its relation with the stimulant Synepherine. So make sure that you avoid the supplement if this feeling continues with you each time you take the supplement.

Increased Blood Pressure

Another raspberry ketone danger is that the supplement consumption may increase your blood pressure. This can be dangerous for some people who already have heart disease.


One of the dangers of the ketone is that it causes hearth palpitation in many people due to high blood pressure. Again, people with heart disease and other serious ailments may put themselves in grim danger by consuming the supplement. For healthy people, however, these symptoms may diminish after few hours.

Dangerous for Pregnant Women

Since raspberry ketone is also appetite suppressant, a pregnant women taking the supplement may also adversely impact the appetite of the baby in her womb. In fact, the raspberry ketone danger may also be passed to the baby and it results in many health complications for the baby in his coming life. For this reason, breastfeeding mothers should also avoid taking the supplement to keep away baby from health risks.

Thyroid Issues

Another raspberry ketone danger is regarding the thyroid. Any medicine for enhancing of metabolism is likely to result in malfunctioning of thyroid. Hence, you should avoid using the ketone for longer period.

Increased Blood Glucose

An undesirable raspberry ketone danger is that the supplement may suddenly lower your blood glucose levels. So, if you are diabetic patient, make sure that you ask your doctor before using the ketone. If you are taking medication to lower your blood sugar, you should avoid taking the supplement.

Some scientists believe that since raspberry ketone increases your body temperatures, it may result in releasing of more glucose in the blood stream as energy source. If this reasoning is correct then the ketone may be too dangerous for the diabetic people.

To conclude, we can say that you must consult your doctor before taking the supplement so that you can save yourself from raspberry ketone danger. Make sure that if you have to take it, you never take it in excessive quantity and get it within recommended doses to avoid any health complication in the coming days.