Bexar County Parenting Class

We all understand – in today’s modern world, many marriages just don’t last until the “death do us part” stage of the couple’s life. It happens – there are a lot less social stigmas associated with divorce, people are marrying at younger and more immature ages, and to be completely honest there has been a bit of a disconnect from those “old school” family values across the board. These aren’t the only variables effective the rate of failure of marriages in the United States, but they are definitely some of them. While it’s never a happy time to end up going through a divorce preceding, the entire process is even further complicated when there are children of any ages involved – but especially small children.

Children In Court

If children are a big part of your divorce preceding, there will inevitably be a custody hearing held in front of a judge. If things are amicable there will most likely be a ruling for joint custody, but if there is a unique situation it’s not uncommon to see sole custody with visitation rights – or even in some more extreme situations just sole custody with zero visitation rights. But for this article we’ll be dealing with the two former situations, and assume that both parents would like to be engaged fully in their children’s life.
Co-Parenting is rife with all kinds of unique and trying situations – even though you’ve both decided to move forward without each other, you’ll still have to interact in a respectful manner when it comes to your children. And depending upon the reasons for you split, this can be an incredible easy or monumentally challenging task. Either way, Bexar County understands the uniqueness of the situation, and has made it compulsory that parents who are divorcing must attend Bexar county divorce parenting class.

Bexar County Mandate

The Bexar county divorce parenting class is made mandatory because of the critical importance it plays in each parents life – this is going to be a very rocky time for both of you, and especially so for the kids who may or may not have a full conception of what’s going on. Separation can be very difficult for young children, and the Bexar county divorce parenting class helps you both understand the best ways to move forward as parents to make certain that your children are put first and foremost. This is an incredible opportunity for both of you to leverage the experience and support that the Bexar county divorce parenting class offers, and should be taken advantage of fully.
The Texas Cooperative Parenting Course, a texas parenting class online made for Texans, equips separating, divorced, or never-married parents with skills to successfully co-parent children between 2 homes. It is the only online course written by a Texas Domestic Relations Office and meets the requirements of Texas Family Code sec. 105.009.