Bieber Crashes into Glass Wall Causing Widespread Chaos among Fans

Kid star Justin Bieber went crashing down in trouble while on his promotional tour in Europe on May 31st, Thursday after being knocked out backstage in Paris and having much difficulty escaping the wild fans in Norway.

Justin Bieber went crashing into a glass wall while in his concert in Paris and despite feeling dizzy, he was able to perform his finale song and later collapsed and passed out for about 15 seconds. A conversation clip was captured by TMZ where Bieber was told that he had suffered from a mild concussion case and needed to relax for a bit. The star was however, quite quick in posting the update on Twitter and making it sound like nothing serious. His tweet said, “gotta laugh at yourself sometimes,” and reassured his fans that he was doing perfectly alright.

A day before Bieber suffered the concussion came on as a fan crushing experience for the singer during the promotion of his new album “Believe” which is to be shortly released. The singer conducted a free concert in Oslo where the fans went wild ending up in a number of girls being injured as a result.

Bieber’s record label passed out a statement condemning the fact that a lot of fans were injured and it did not exactly turn out to be the experience it was supposed to be. They also said that luckily none of the fans suffered from any serious injuries and that Bieber was looking forward to making up for the mishap by another performance in Norway.

Bieber’s representatives received numerous calls and emails in the aftermath of Thursday’s events and these were not instantly responded to. The young singer performed an absolutely free concert of six songs in the Opera House in Oslo this Wednesday. NBC Television is also going to be airing the concert as part of a one hour show for Bieber that is going to be screening sometime in the month of June.

Bieber was also forced to send out a Tweet in order to calm down the chaos in the crowd where millions of fans were dying to catch a glimpse of the 18-year old to know whether he was doing okay. His tweet said, “for the show to happen you must all listen to the police. We are all concerned for your safety and I want what is best for you. Please listen.” The star’s tweet managed to reach out to his 22 million followers and created some form of calmness in the crowd.

TMZ later stated that about 49 female fans were hurt in the crowd and emergency was declared as a result of the situation that was brought about but this was not exactly confirmed to be true. This cannot be called as the first time that the fans have gone wild on Justin Bieber and resulted in this calamity. A similar incident was recorded at the end of 2009 in New York where the event had to be cancelled even before the star could actually show up. This resulted in charges against Bieber’s managers but they were later dismissed.

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