Bio Care: TOP 5 Popular Cosmetic Brands In Spain

Bio Care: TOP 5 Popular Cosmetic Brands In Spain

There is nothing better than natural souvenir. Bio and Eco products in Spain must be 50% consisted of organic components. Only if you keep the rule, you can get the certificate of quality and natural product. Organic goods don’t contain such ingredients as synthetic strainers, aroma compounds, cosmetic conservants. Only if cosmetics wasn’t tasted by animals, but can be named ecologically friendly. Here is the list of brands of natural Spanish cosmetics that are not very popular abroad, but very popular to use by locals. This is 100% natural cosmetics, certified according to the strict European Bio standards. No chemicals, just natural ingredients.


Matarrania is ecologically friendly cosmetics on the base of olive oil. The brand was created in the end of 2007. The base of it was the ancient recipes to take care of hair and body. Only natural herbal substances are used. Matarrania cosmetics include the face care products, anti-age cosmetics, men’s care cosmetics. The number of products from Matarrania is certified by the Organic Soil Association. What is more, the pack from Matarrania is available for recycling.

You can buy Matarrania cosmetics in the shops all over the country territory. The prices start from 9-25 EUR. Anti-age creams are more expensive. The average price for the natural body oil is about 18 EUR.

AMAPOLA Biocosmetics

Amapola is a brand of natural bio cosmetics that is made on the base of the herbal essences and oils. The laboratory is situated in Segovia. The first and sensational product was almond face oil mixed with the lemon oil. That was the first natural cosmetic to take care of your skin. Today, Amapola brand is represented in more than 120 trade points over the county territory. The base of this brand is natural hand-made oils. All ingredients are hippo allergic. The assortment is wide, represented by the professional salon cosmetics, every day home care. All products are made with hands.

It was time, when the company produced bio cosmetics only to sell it with the direct sales. The needs grew up and the first and only one specialized shop was opened in Barcelona. It is better to hire a car in Barcelona and go to find this unique place: C/Boria, 20, crossing the Vía Laietana. You can also buy cosmetics of this brand in the laboratory. The prices start from 5 to 30 EUR, depending on the price for ingredients.


Homo Naturals is men’s cosmetics, consisting of 100% natural ingredients. It is made of the herbal oils. The brand was organized in 2012 in Barcelona. All products are especially attractive for men. The base of it is innovative formulas to combine natural ingredients and herbal oils that help to keep the skin in balance. There are no chemical. Why does it smell so good? The aroma consists of the natural smells of the herbal oils. The combination is always different. The most popular product is face cleaning mousse. It is perfect for dry or sensitive skin. It cleans the skin surface carefully, making your face more soft and attractive.

The assortment of cosmetics is very wide. There are shave and after shave gels, anti-age creams, gels, shower gels, foams. There are natural deodorants, shampoo, cosmetics for every day care. You can use Homo Naturals cosmetics in complex, using special cosmetic sets for different types of skin. The price for one set (5 units) is 75-95 EUR. If you want to try and test cosmetics, you may buy the cosmetic test (Welcome pack) for 6 EUR at the specialized shop.


The brand of active organic cosmetics is produced from the herbal essences and oils, bamboo extract. All cosmetic products from Dulkamara are famous of their quality and high prices. These effective cosmetic products are not only predicted to better your skin, feeding and moistening it. This is also the best remedy. Bamboo is famous of the high containment of useful reagents: organic silicium that makes your skin elastic and spongy. This is the base of your skin healthy look.

The most popular and best-selling Dulkamara product is Savias de bambú cleaner and multifunctional serum Leche virginal. They must be used to prepare your skin to make up application. Savias de bambú can not only clean and moisture your skin but enriches it with the unique vitamins and vitamin complexes. It fights against the enlarged pores, acne. This product is good for all types of skin. The serum is used in form of spray about 60, 100 and 250 ml for the price 48, 76 and 123 EUR.

Leche virginal is applied in complex all together with the cleaning cosmetics. It helps to you’re your skin fresh. The product contains the natural antiseptics, vitamins В and С, silicon oxide, extracted from the bamboo. The cosmetic of this type helps to remove flushing, moistening and relieving your skin. It can be used in a quality of the aftersun-remedy. The cosmetics are produced in form of spray for 60 or 100 ml for the price about 40 and 66 EUR. You can buy it in Barcelona and Madrid.


The brand of Ajedrea organic cosmetics is the oldest in Spain. It includes natural soap, creams, oils and perfumes. The base of this brand is the newest phototherapy achievements. The name of Ajedrea was chosen for this brand because this sort of pant is widely included in the content of every product. Its useful characteristics are obvious: The plants are gathered and elaborated with hands. You can buy traditional creams, masks, aromatic bombs, powder shampoo, soap. The components of Ajedrea cosmetics are organic alcohol, flower essences, natural oils.

The company specialists are ready to share their recipes. They also teach to make natural masks, welcome visitors for the industrial excursions. It is very educative, indeed. You can buy cosmetics of this type in the Shop&Lab at the address: Calle Lavadero Tablas, 16, Granada. You can also visit the e-shop to buy what you want from every corner of the country. The prices for cosmetics are about 20 EUR.

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