Black Friday 2012 Predictions On Electronic Items

If you are a savvy shopper, you know that Black Friday is a fantastic opportunity for early Christmas shopping at incredibly low prices in America. Not only can you own your favorite products, but you also can give family and friends great gifts at affordable prices with Black Friday deals. Popular stores display awesome electronics offers for savings on both online and in-store purchases on Black Friday 2012. Let’s forecast possible discounted products this upcoming Black Friday for your Christmas gift list.

Electronics products include items like HDTVs, tablets, computers, laptops, netbooks, cell phones, cameras, video games, accessories and more. This Black Friday, many deals and bargains will be offered on HDTVs, tablets, laptops and netbooks, which are always some of the best sellers in the electronics category.

1.      HDTVs
Earlier reports suggested that the new Apple television will not launch until 2013 or even 2014, but this new report may add weight to rumors that the new Apple TV will be released in the fourth quarter of this year. Besides the iPhone 5, Apple may release a new HDTV that will drive high-tech Apple addicts crazy. Obviously, we do not expect to see discounts on Apple’s HDTV, but appearance in the electronics market could bring the price of other HDTVs down even more on Black Friday.

The two primary types of flat-panel HDTVs are LCD (including LED) and plasma. The price of plasma televisions tends to decrease as newer LCD models with more modern technology come onto the market. Most HDTVs are typically 1080p or 720p; these numbers represent the maximum lines of horizontal resolution that the TV can display at once. Hence, when watching on a 1080p HDTV, you enjoy higher resolution and quality, which means that a 1080p costs more than a 720p. Thus, a plasma 720p HDTV is the best value on the market.

A popular choice is a 180p, 60Hz HDTV. Let’s take a look at the price prediction: unsurprisingly, 50”, 46”, 42” and 32” versions of these televisions sell for around $399, $239, $189, and $149, respectively.

2.      Tablets
Tablets will be another big seller this Black Friday. Similar to HDTVs and other products manufactures by tech giant Apple, the iPad tablet (including the upcoming iPad 5 mini release), which is one of the most popular high-tech products in the world, will never be on sale. Nevertheless, thanks to their existence, manufacturers will drastically cut down the price of other tablets.

This year, we expect a discount on original 7-inch Android tablets to the $49 range. For Android users, the new ASUS 7-inch Tegra 3 tablet with ICS system has been released at only $249. We also expect the 10-inch Android Ice Cream Sandwich with ICS operating system to be priced at $229.99, while old 10-inch Android tablets are sold for around $149.

It is also believed that Amazon will create another new edition of the Kindle Fire, with a potential 10-inch size to replace its big brother edition, reducing the old edition’s price from $199 to $179. Additionally, more popular Android tablets such as the Samsung Galaxy Tabs, Motorola XOOM and many others are also expected to be offered at discounted prices.

3.      Laptops and Notebooks
It would be a great oversight not to mention laptops and notebooks in the list of Black Friday sale items. The recent surge of tablets has taken some sales away from tradition laptops, but laptops still maintain a solid position in the hearts of consumers because of attractive pricing and reliable function. Exercise caution when looking for a cheap laptop, and research product reviews before purchase to avoid disappointment. Owing to their lowered prices, the functionality of these laptops might not meet your expectations.

In the last few years, classic specifications of popular Black Friday laptops have included: 15.6’’ LCD display, dual-core processor, 3GB–4GB of memory, 320GB–500GB hard drive, DVD burning drive, WiFi capability, modem and Ethernet port. Machines with these specifications have sold at $299. Hopefully, similar laptops will be priced at $199 this year. We also expect Best Buy to implement the same laptop deal of under $180 that they did in 2011. Further, laptops with Intel core i3, i5 and i7 (with 6GB of RAM and a Blu-ray drive) should be discounted at $299, $400 and $499 respectively.

Last year was clearly “the year of the netbook.” As with regular laptops, these fast and convenient mini machines are expected to be priced around $79. Today’s typical netbook, with 10” display, Intel Atom processor, 1GB of memory, a 160GB hard drive and a built-in webcam, have been offered as low as $199. It would not be surprising to see a similar model for around $149 or less this Black Friday.

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