“Black Friday” Savings and Defective Products

On What Side Of The Online Marketplace Would You Rather Be?

Every year, after the turkey and desserts are devoured, dishes washed, and family heads back home, many bargain shoppers go to bed early and set their alarms for the early morning hours, to make sure they don’t sleep through the best deals of “Black Friday”.  Some shoppers are hardcore, planning their holiday gift giving on the deals they score, while others hit the stores in hopes of finding a deal on the #1 item on a child’s wish list.  A successful “Black Friday” shopping trip might require a little planning, such as carefully planning lists, comfortable clothing, and copious amounts of coffee.  Want to ensure that your gift recipients will be happy?  Make sure that the bargain gifts you give have not been recalled or on a defective product list.


Don’t Give Defective Gifts

Nothing feels better than giving a gift that will surely bring a smile to your loved one’s face, but make sure that your purchases are high-quality, safe, and in good working condition; sometimes that means that the perfect gift will not be a perfect bargain and found during your “Black Friday” excursion.  Whether you are buying a set of Christmas Eve pajamas for your niece or a novelty gift for your sister to remind her of her childhood, double check that the gifts you purchased are safe before you wrap them.  Here are some recent gift ideas that are potentially dangerous items:


L.L. Bean has recalled certain girl’s pajama sets because they failed to meet the federal flammability standards.  While these cozy purple pj’s might be a great accompaniment to wear when dreaming of sugar plums, safe sleep wear is the law.

Personal Snow Cones:

Remember having (or wanting) your own personal snow cone machine?  The classic Snoopy Sno-Cone machine brings back a lot of great memories for adults and creates a lot of fun memories for today’s youth; unfortunately, the Sno-Cone machine has been recalled due to the potential risk of a metal rivet that may come loose from the machine, with the ability to cause injury to the mouth or teeth.

Holiday Mixers:

Blenders are great for fancy holiday drinks or food traditions.  The easy-to-use appliance is affordable enough for a family member or for you to buy for the next holiday party.  Before you buy a blender, avoid the Calphalon brand, as the metal blade has been known to break and cause potential injury.

Mood Lighting:

During the holidays, mood and festive lighting is everything.  Before you change a burnt out bulb, make sure the replacement is safe.  LED Candelabra Bulbs by Infinity Green Products have been recalled due to a fire hazard.

Defective products are recalled on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, so make sure, when shopping for bargains or making a list, you keep in “the know” about which products are safe and which items should be avoided.  If you purchase a defective item, report it immediately.  If you notice that an establishment continues to sell a product that is publicly recalled, they must be reported as it is illegal to continue to sell a recalled/defective product.

Shop with Safety in Mind

When you are making your shopping and gift giving list, double check to make sure that all the gifts you choose are safe and suitable for your family and friends.  Remember, “Black Friday” shoppers, some items are only as good as the amount of money you spend.  If you find a really good deal, too-hard-to-pass up, you’ll want to make sure it’s a safe purchase.  Don’t make your holiday shopping a defective trip; choose to buy “safe” this year.