Blooming Wallflower: 4 Ways To Increase Confidence As An Adult

Working on your self esteem can open up new opportunities

Sometimes, life’s experiences can do a number on a person’s confidence level. Whether it’s because of a divorce, depression or weight gain, there are plenty of reasons why a person’s confidence level can drop. Thankfully, there are some specific ways you can work on increasing your confidence. Consider these four tips.

Listen to motivational messages
If you’re suffering from the trauma of a difficult situation, get counseling to work through those feelings to get healed. It’s also wise to listen to motivational messages to remind you of who you are and what you are capable of. A lack of confidence tends to stem from a lack of belief in oneself. When you’re constantly feeding yourself positive messages from books, speeches and affirmations, you’ll transform the way you feel, think and speak.

You can find many motivational and self-help books in the library. You can try YouTube channels, podcasts, and even audiobooks form your library or downloading them from places like audible or iTunes. You can listen, read, or go to workshops. In a world so inundated with negativity we need to put effort to balance the scales of our physique by seeking motivational messages. Otherwise we give up on our dreams before we’ve even dreamt them.

 Work on your weaknesses
If you’re chronically late, it’s time to be better with your time management. Work on becoming the early bird. If you tend to let your inbox pile up, develop an organized system to tackle each email. Take a look at an area you can afford to improve in. As you actively work on improving that area, you’ll be more likely to become more confident in your abilities.

Get Help
Positive thinking is great and does so much good, however the universe won’t magically fix things for us without effort. Wishes come true because of action more often than by pure desire, no matter how strong the desire may be. It’s always important to work on putting your best foot forward in life.  If you’re not in love with your body, create lifestyle changes that include healthy eating, exercise and rest. There is no shame in asking for help.  For example, some people avoid speaking to groups, going to dinner, getting pictures taken, and even smiling in public because they’re self-conscious about their teeth. We all have insecurities, they’re normal. However, if they get in the way of your daily life or from perusing things you’d rather do then you should consider an Invisalign treatment to rectify your pearly whites. This could bring back a sense of pride and normalcy. At the very least you won’t be anxious in many public settings as you were before. You can’t fix everything with optimism, positive thinking needs to be followed through with positive action.

 Surround yourself with positive energy
If you’re surrounded by people who are naturally negative and pessimistic, it’s going to be hard for you to evolve. Studies show that most people are the sum total of their five closest friends. If you start making changes that force you to evolve, chances are you’ll have a few friends that aren’t happy with the new changes. Don’t be afraid to limit your time with people who don’t support the transformation you need in order to be happy.

As you continue to do the work it takes to increase your confidence level, you’ll feel better. This is a journey that has to be run on your terms. Never allow anyone to force you to be someone you’re not.  Remember, it’s never too late to make changes that will make you happy. There is no time expiration date to dreams or a new start. Take your time to lean into the intricacies of this journey. As you do the hard work, you’ll bloom as the confident adult you know you can be.