Boating Holidays On The Norfolk Broads

What’s so special about the Norfolk broads in any case?
Well for starters it is Britains largest protected wetland area and the 3rd largest inland waterway in Britain – which makes it huge. Plenty of space for exploring by boat on holiday. If you have an active family then the Norfolk Broads are perfect for you as they offer so much activities for active holiday fun. Plenty of cycle paths and beautiful countryside to explore via the numerous walkways and cycle paths. Plus it has the added ‘coolness’ of featuring in the lyrics of Life on Mars by David Bowie. The Norfolk Broads are not normally put in the rock and roll category for holidays!
To make the best of the local scenery will of course need to hire a boat.
Hiring a boat
You can either just dip your toes by hiring a boat for the day or you can wrap yourself in a broads experience for hiring it for your full holiday. Day hire can be great tater however it can be disappointing to have to turn round after a half days travel to get the boat back in time. the brads can be really spread out and deserted in places and you can spend hours travelling before you reach your destination. If you only have a day to have the boat for it can restrict how far you can go.
The boats come in a variety of styles and sizes, plenty available to keep even the fussiest person happy. The most popular type of the cruiser, easy to handle and comes with great accommodation options.
If you are a more traditional type type you may fancy the challenge of sailing boats. Not a option for an absolute beginner but if you have the experience and fancy a sailing adventure the broads are perfect for you.
The Wildlife
Being a national park means and since the set up of the Broads Authority wildlife has been protected and cared for. Natural habitat and conservation work have been plentiful over the years and the wildlife, not all of it, but the majority is flourishing. You will find plenty of birds including the following:

  • waterfowl
  • waders
  • barn owls
  • bittern
  • marsh harrier
  • kingfisher

On top of the plethora of birdlife available for your viewing there are also a whole host of mammals that you can try and spot:

  • Chinese water deer
  • Seals
  • Otters
  • Hares
  • Bats
  • Water voles

Then of course there are all the fish out there waiting for the all the anglers. If you are looking to go fishing then try and hire a special fishing boat as this will ensure you have all the equipment you need t fish safely.
Bored of the boat, what else can I do?
The areas surrounding the broads offer such a diverse collection of activities that it is easy to find activities to do off the boat. If you are still hungry to getting close to more wildlife then you can explore miles of nature trails that put you right in the middle of the natural environment – time to get hands on and explore with your senses.
On top of that there are cycle trails, kayaking, steam trains, theme parks, historic building and towns. If you fancy just cutting loose for a while then the Broads are close to the tourist mecca Great Yarmouth, where you can experience some gordy entertainment before returning to the peace and slow pace of your boating holiday.

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Written on behalf of the UK Boating Holidays specialists Ferry Marina