Bonding With A Nephew In The Sun

I used to be really close to my nephew. He is quite close to me in age and we lived together for about 10 years.
As I am couple of years older, I have always looked after him and tried to protect him. However, he fell in with a bad crowd a year or so ago and has been in and out of trouble since then. My sister asked me recently f I could come up with an idea to help him out and I decided to take him away for a long holiday.
I had not long lost my job and I planned on taking a month off before looking for somewhere else. It seemed like an awfully long time since I had been on holiday so my priority was to head off somewhere and enjoy the sun for a while. My nephew was a bit reluctant to go with me at first but eventually he agreed to do so. Now all I needed to do was come up with some bonding ideas for us.
Some Sports
The last time I had played football was when I was at school but my nephew talked a group of tourists into letting us join their game on our first day. If you have ever played football under a blazing sun, on hot sand and after a long flight and a big breakfast you will know how I felt. After 5 minutes I wanted the sand to open up and bury me. Then I got a second wind and scored a goal which bounced in off my rear end. To celebrate I used the last of my energy to run into the sea. As I came back to the game dripping wet my nephew cracked his first smile of the holiday. We went off for a drink of something cold and to laugh about the game.
A Bit of Adventure
There is nothing like a bit of adventure to help people bond so I decided to see what options were on the table. Most of the holidaymakers seemed happy enough to soak up the sun but I wanted to let me nephew see a bit more of the place. I grabbed him as a bus passed and we both jumped onto it. I didn’t have a clue where it was going so it was a bit of mystery ride. We ended up going through a couple of sleepy villages and some lovely orange groves before we ended up in another resort. It actually looked quite similar to the resort we were staying in and I thought the bus had gone round in a circle until I heard the tourists speak. We had ended up in a German resort. We bought some unbelievably large sausages and a plastic cup of beer and watched some 70s German pop icon belt out some hits we had never heard of. It might not have been the most adventurous day in the history of the world but it was a completely surreal experience. Still, it was a relief to hear English being spoken when we got back to our resort.
Time to Head Home
After a great trip it was time to go home. The holiday had passed quicker than we could have imagined and it was time to face up to real life again. On the flight home I spent a long time agonising about how to bring up the subject of his behaviour when he got back again. I needn’t have worried. As we flew over the never ending countryside of France he asked me whether we could go away again next year if he behaved himself.
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