Break All The Rules With A Coed Baby Shower

Baby showers have traditionally been a special event for mothers-to-be and their female friends. Women gather to share cake, play games and give the new mom special gifts. Today, many women want to include fathers-to-be in baby shower plans too. There are several things you can do to transform a baby shower from a women’s-only event into a guy-friendly event.

Play Gender-Neutral Shower Games
Many shower games are geared specifically towards women. Try to make your shower man-friendly by throwing in some coed shower games. You can still play classic word jumbles and have everyone use a piece of string to guess just how big the mom-to-be’s belly has grown, but you should also throw in high-energy games to engage men who might be reluctant to participate.
Create Special Spaces for Men and Women
You can keep conversation flowing at a shower, and ensure that no one feels uncomfortable, by creating separate areas for men and women. Make sure that the dad-to-be feels comfortable inviting his friends so that he can share this special time with them. When it’s time to play games, eat cake and give gifts though, you all can reconvene.
Include the Names of Spouses on Baby Shower Invitations
When sending baby shower invitations to your friends, make sure you also invite their spouses. If possible, you should also send invitations to the dad-to-be’s friends and their spouses as well. This action will make your man feel included which is the first step towards hosting a successful coed baby shower. Showing your man that you want to bask in the limelight with him, will make him feel loved and needed.
A baby shower is a time to celebrate one of the most important events in a couple’s life. Instead of making the baby shower a girls-only affair, open up the shower to men and make it coed. The dad-to-be will appreciate being included in this important event. A coed shower also provides a time for the dad-to-be and his friends to discuss the joys and trials of fatherhood.
You don’t need to feel awkward about hosting a coed baby shower. Many women choose to include their partners in this special event. By hosting a coed baby shower, you are encouraging a couple to celebrate the birth of their child together. You may also find that shower games are just more fun when men are invited to play.

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