Break From Tradition – What Going To Work Is Costing You

There are many personal reasons you might want to work from home, but the financial benefits can also be very attractive. Instead of relying on your boss to give you that promotion or raise, your own performance is directly proportional to what you could earn. If you have a passion for something and know what you are doing, working from home could be your sole means of support. How much you can make depends on your willingness to work, determination, and ingenuity.

It is not just what you earn
When it comes to the financial benefits of working at home, you have to look at more than what you are making, you have to look at what you are saving. Just think of how much less you are paying in children’s day care, wardrobe, business lunches, transportation, and many other payments. Look at your car and just imagine how much you can save on insurance, parking, maintenance, gas, and oil changes. If you drive your car less, you will have less wear and tear. The fewer miles you drive, chances are that your car insurance is going to be lower as well.
The truth is that working from home does not just save you money in many ways, but the money that you make is yours. There are no dividends to pay out, no corporate glass ceiling that you have to worry about, the truth is that if you are motivated, there is no one standing in your way or holding you back. John Maxwell said it best when he stated, “successful and unsuccessful people do not vary greatly in their abilities. They vary in their desires to reach their potential.”
Things to avoid
If you start looking online for opportunities at home, you will find that many people promise you it is possible to make $700 each day just by using your computer – you have probably seen those popup ads before. Remember, if an offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is. It is a good idea to stick to sites that have a reputation when it comes to honest work for honest pay. One of the best sites that caters to freelance workers is Elance. Elance is a site where freelancers and clients come together and discuss possible job opportunities.
Where can I find work? 
So let’s say that you are interested in starting your own business and working from home, where do you get clients? The good thing is that thanks to the Internet, you can now easily connect with clients through sites such as Elance. What should you expect to realistically make money doing?

  • Writing – there is always work available for good writers. Whether you have an interest in writing eBooks, articles, or how-to guides, whatever you have an interest in you can rest assured that there will be clients that are in need of good writing.
  • Website design – this can be anything ranging from Flash, to HTML 5, to WordPress, as long as you have the expertise required when it comes to designing a website, you will find clients that need your help. Because functionality and design are so important, web design is one of the most important areas of Elance.
  • Programming – There is always something available as well, whether you like programming for mobile products or prefer database development, this particular area offers many opportunities.

Realize this is a job
One of the benefits of working from home is that you do not have to rent office space, but that does not mean you do not need an office. You need a place where you can turn the proverbial switch, where you know that you are working. You will want to set up your computer here, maybe a plant, a webcam for video conferencing solutions that allows you to talk face-to-face with clients. You will benefit from this approach in the end because it removes potential distractions.
David Crawford attained a Masters Degree in communication studies and was determined to be his own boss early on. David understands what it takes to be successful online and how to communicate with clients in the most effective way possible. David believes that online learning is never complete because there are constantly new products and services on the market, one of the reasons he frequently visits sites such as