Breaking The Ice!

Using wool to control your body temperature in the heat sounds like a contradiction in terms.

But Icebreaker’s ground-breaking technology does just that – and provides superb warmth in winter too.

Using the highest-quality wool from New Zealand, Icebreaker have combined the natural world with the very latest in technology to create an easy-care layering system for high-intensity sports, outdoor pursuits and lightweight travel.

This concept of keeping active bodies warm in the cold and cool in soaring temperatures is based on the Merino sheep, who have long adapted to the scorching summers and freezing winters in their native southern Alps of New Zealand.

Based on a Simple Science
Icebreaker developed the first Merino wool layering system based on the simple science that if the Merino sheep could survive such extreme conditions, so too could humans dressed in sheep’s clothing!

The light, breathable coat of the Merino keeps them cool in summer, and the extra layer of wool they grow in the winter months provides the warmth they need to keep them alive.

From plummeting temperatures to the hottest and most humid of conditions imaginable, Icebreaker have a range of baselayer clothing which performs equally well in hot weather as in the cold.

The Merino fibre in their baselayer clothing is a fraction of the diameter of normal wool – one of the reasons it doesn’t itch.

Traditional wool acts like a barb against bare skin – while Merino wool feels like silk against your body.

Air Pockets Provide the Warmth
Millions of miniscule air pockets provide the warmth, trapping the warm air and locking in your body heat.

At the same time, a supreme moisture management system in the fabric allows the garment to breathe, releasing perspiration and sweeping moisture away from your body.

Natural anti-microbial properties in all Icebreaker clothing prevents odours…the record for wearing one of their baselayers non-stop is 196 days – though nobody is saying if the wearer was alone or in the company of others at the time!

Most importantly, Icebreaker insulates even when wet, restricting the loss of critical body heat and helping to regulate your core temperature.

Bio Electrical Harmony
And for those who can’t bear the thought of a figure-hugging baselayer clinging uncomfortably to your torso, Icebreaker boasts ‘bio electrical harmony,’ technology, designed to keep in tune with your body’s bio-electrical fields and preventing the risk of static cling.

There are different types of Icebreaker baselayers for different conditions.

Bodyfit 260 is a midweight fabric for cold weather, which it is claimed is the most breathable performance baselayer in the world, suitable for cold to extremely cold conditions and ideal for all winter sports.

Bodyfit 200 is a lighter-weight version for cool conditions, ideal for hiking, biking and general everyday wear.

Bodyfit 150 is the lightest in the Icebreaker stable, super-fine, super-lightweight and designed to help keep your body temperature lower during the heat of the day, but still providing warmth as darkness falls and extreme variations occur in day- and night-time temperatures.

Nicki Williams is a copy writer for outdoor clothing specialists Gear-Zone, suppliers of all the major brands including Icebreaker, Rab, The North Face and Berghaus.

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Picture source: Gear-Zone/Icebreaker