Breville BDC650BSS Grind Control Espresso Machine Review

Are you looking for a household espresso machine with some amazing features? If yes, then Breville Grind Control machine is the most useful machine embedded with latest features and advanced technology. The calibrated functions and adjustable grinder allows you to choose the type of brewing you require including grinding and helps you prepare the coffee of your liking.

The Good: Now it is possible to enable grinding of coffee beans before brewing so as to spread the aromatic fragrance of coffee beans with the help of Breville Grind Control coffee machine. The machine is made of stainless steel and also helps in delivering more flavored cup of coffee with balanced taste of beans and aroma. Also it is possible to adjust the grinder so as to prepare pre-ground coffee and brewing using that by disabling built-in grinder. Another great benefit of using this coffee machine is that it is relatively easier to clean and maintain.

The Bad: The machine has some of the best features available at competitive prices; however there are certain concerns from users about grinder control. The coffee must be prepared from a normal water and one should not use filtered or reverse osmosis water with this machine otherwise taste of the coffee may differ. Also one should be careful about brewing mode otherwise the coffee machine may overflow. There are limitation in terms of size of water container and amount of coffee that can be prepared using this machine. However all in all, this machine has some of the most amazing features that are not available in other machines.

The Bottom Line: Comparing both good and bad features of this product, Breville Grind Control is an affordable and highly competitive machine launched in the market. It has a precision machined stainless steel burrs along with steep and release technology. Machine is capable of grinding and brewing directly into the coffee mags. Also of the main features of this product is that one can control the grinding using different six level settings which allows you to get the best optimal grinding required for brewing.

Breville BDC650BSS Espresso Machine Review

Clearly Breville Grind control has overcome the negatives in its previous releases. The machine has been designed to enable people to enjoy the coffee made from it. It can be sued to prepare daily coffee without bothering about the quality and quality of brewing. The machine is capable of brewing precise, quiet and delicious coffee. It is also much easier to clean the machine and one can make adjustments in the coffee grinder on the surface when required.

Features of Breville BDC650BSS Grind Control

There are some of the best features available in this machine which gives it an edge compared to other machines in the market.

  1. One can make adjustment in the grinder setting depending on the choice of coffee beans. It is possible make changes in the grind settings for darker or lighter bean types.
  2. In another feature of this machine, it is possible to make adjustment in the pre brewing temperature depending on the requirement.
  3. Programmable– One of the key features of this machine is automatic programmable options which allows you auto start the coffee brewing at the time selected or pre-defined in this coffee.
  4. Compact build– Another key feature of this machine is that the machine is not bulky and having compact size which makes it an ultimate choice for those small homes and offices.
  5. Display- The display size and quality is also quite amazing. One can choose to enable options such as Count down Time, Carafe or Single Serve and water control.
  6. Another important feature of this machine is that it has a bean hopper locking system which makes it easier to store, remove and transfer the beans when required.
  7. Built in Grinder option gives you a great choice to enable the brewing quickly while also allowing you to capture the fragrance and freshness of oils using grinding.

Final Verdict:

The New Breville Grind control machine has been re-designed with some handy features to give best taste of coffee beans and aroma. The machine has a built in grinder which can be controlled to give real taste of coffee while making sure that machine works without any disruption.