Bring Back Peace With Prayers and Guidance from SCOAN

Few people have main aim in life to alleviate the pains and sufferings of everyone they meet. These people are select few souls who are real blessings sent to earth by the benevolent God. These are troubled times, these are times when the people are fighting with their own blood and for very petty reasons too. These are times when people are becoming selfish and yet, these are also the times when God decides to send someone on earth to save the rest of the world.

When people become very busy in pursuit of material happiness, they leave their hearts and minds out. They do not care for their minds or souls and they assume that since they get what they want in this material world, they shall be happy. But happiness or contentment is incomplete unless the soul also gets its food. To feed the soul, one needs to give it a thought, and that is only possible by reading the Holy Scriptures, at least once a week, and get in contact with enlightened people.

This calls for a visit to spiritual centers and churches like Synagogue, Church of All Nations popular as, SCOAN. The church is in Lagos, Nigeria and now has branches in the UK and in a few other countries.

The founder is the renowned prophet, TB Joshua who had his call from God at a very young age. He began spreading the Word of God and that too from very modest means. Since, he was on a noble mission to spread his message, and heal those who are tired he got help soon. He was able to save millions around the world. He is currently one of the most sought-after prophets on TV. He preaches and heals and there are many who do have miracles working in their lives thanks to these prayers. There are devotees who crowd to Lagos’s beautiful SCOAN Church every Sunday and this is proof of the effectiveness of the services. It also proves one more thing- people now understand that the only way to attain bliss is by following spiritual way of reading the Scriptures.

There are also Wisemen whom the prophet TB Joshua himself chose who also work in other countries and preach or heal. There are evangelists from around the world whom the prophet monitors who work for world peace. There are four Wise men who carry forward the work that the prophet started initially.

Today, millions of devotees from around the world come to this church all the way to Lagos or to the other branches and get the blessings. Miracles happen in these sessions and these are indeed blissful. The church and the representatives do everything in their capacity to help the travelers from different countries to find accommodation even if they cannot get any room in the church’s own suites, or dorms. Such care for the devotees and the steps that they take to help people rediscover themselves with prayer and solve their problems.