Britain to spend £30bn to Purify Water System

British government is motivated to spend £30bn to purify contaminated water. According to reports, various drugs companies have resisted an EU call for controls on potent chemicals which have been alleged for the gender alteration of freshwater fish. The government is intending to clean up rivers to make the water environment friendly for the fish. The huge sum has been allocated to various other projects like cleaning of drinking water and streams. Earlier on, various reports revealed the matter that huge pollution has been putting a bad impact on environment and if it was not nipped in the bud, it could harm to manifolds.

European Union has also urged its members to ensure the protection of sea life by decreasing chemicals effects. In its latest water framework directive, EU asked the member countries to take immediate steps in reducing fish demises due to contaminated water.

The plan also includes uplifting the sewage network in the country which has become contentious and there are threats that it could collapse, as it will put extra burden on common man in the shape of extra charges in water bills. However, numerous environment researchers have appreciated the steps to clean the streams and drinking water.

The fish living in the streams is being harmed by Ethinyl estradiol which is used in birth control pill that affects the intersex among the fresh water fish. The lethal chemical is harmful for many species however it has not shown any side effects for human health. Richard Owen the professor of toxicologist at Exeter University told the media that although Ethinyl estradiol is not harming human body at the moment but does not mean that it should be ignored for the coming days.

Likewise, Professor Susan Jobling of Brunel University declared the Ethinyl estradiol a potent chemical and said that it can affect the human body at very low levels. According to reports, more than 2.5 million women take birth control medicines every year and consequently the chemical reaction is flushed into water which is becoming a threat for sea life.

The chemical Ethinyl estradiol used in the birth control pills is very fatal for fish even at very low levels. It puts very bad impact on male fish while creating the sperms. To fight against the deadly chemical, EU has planned a special program. The union announced in January that it would set a clear level of EE2 in the water across the Europe. The professors told the media that achieving this target will not be an easy task and it requires special efforts.

The final decision on making the law over EE2 level in the water is expected to be taken in November by European Parliament. There is no visible hurdle in achieving this milestone; however, pharmaceutical companies have been reported to create some upheaval in the program. The public is expected to be alive over the issue and take care of sea life. Association of British Pharmaceutical companies has rejected the claims.