Britain’s Most Underrated Holiday Hotspots

The Most Underappreciated Holiday Destinations in the UK

Whether you are travelling on business or for pleasure, sometimes it is the places that you least expect that create the longest lasting impressions.

The UK enjoys a decent tourism industry, but despite this, there are many places around the UK that are consistently underappreciated as prospective holiday destinations despite being beautiful, easy to access, and full of culture, history, and attractions.

Even popular destinations such as Kent and the Lake District have undiscovered treasures if you dig a little, but there are other places that are simply not often thought of as holiday destinations.


Famed for its gothic festival, and seeing a good amount of tourist traffic then, for the rest of the year the stunning, seaside surroundings of Whitby are often overlooked.

Despite the popularity of other parts of Yorkshire, Whitby, with its rich maritime history, does not get the attention it deserves from holiday makers.


The Midlands in general is often overlooked, although Leicester City’s recent Premier League victory may change that.

Lincoln is currently hoping the increased amount of eyes on the middle of the country sees some more people coming through, as the city, with its stunning Gothic architecture, is a perfect holiday destination for those seeking some history.

North Essex

However, perhaps the secret jewel of the British Isles is North Essex, a stunning and varied destination offering something for everybody.

From Castle Hedingham, a charming village where you will find the breathtaking Hedingham Castle, to the unique and stunning buildings and gardens of Cressing Temple Barns, and Audley End’s beautiful house and gardens, the area is rife with activities for those with a love of culture and history.

If you’re a lover of action and adventure, you’ll find a host of different outdoor activity centres to choose from, or if you prefer to shop, North Essex will famously not let you down!

Cafes, bars, restaurants, easy access into London if you need it, although there’s no reason why you should with so much to do in the area, North Essex is everything that a perfect holiday destination should be, and is incredibly underrated for that.

Where to stay in North Essex

Your best bet is to find somewhere with easy access to all of the different options for things to do in the area, one of the most popular choices for this is Braintree.

There are some excellent hotels in Braintree so you will certainly not struggle for choice, and the area itself has a lot to offer as well, including some of the friendliest people in the country, as you will soon realise on arrival.

It’s easy to go back to the same place every year, or go to the places that you’ll see on billboards or television adverts, and if you’re looking for a predictable and consistent holiday then that may well be the way to go. But if you’re looking for something different, something memorable, and something new, then there are a host of places throughout the UK deserving of your attention.

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