Broadband Comparison – A Money Saver

Report suggests that Super-Fast Broadband can provide a Real Boost to Small Business and Work from home businesses

In an oddly happy coincidence, recession and the societal dominance of digital media have occurred at roughly the same time. What I mean by this is that whilst the availability of jobs has dramatically decreased, the internet has provided the means for many new business ventures to take place. Many people, for fairly obvious reasons, are choosing not to wait around for someone to employ them, but instead are creating opportunities for themselves.

Choosing to work from home for home business workers and freelancers is becoming an increasingly popular choice and many are taking this idea one step further and choosing to startup businesses of their own. This option has been made even more desirable by recent reports released by the Internet Innovation Alliance (IIA) and the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council (SBE Council) that suggest that high-speed internet can save substantial amounts of money for small businesses.

The way it achieves this isn’t particularly complicated. For example, office space doesn’t come cheaply; there are lighting costs to consider, as well as heating, electricity and stationary costs, to name but a few.

Working from home negates the necessity for such expenses and super-fast broadband can also provide many other benefits for the aspiring entrepreneur. The reason that so many businesses fail to survive far beyond the stage of inception is largely due to the fact that startup costs are so exponentially high. This means that regardless of how ingenious a business idea may be, the resistance to entry is simply so challenging, it’s almost impossible for many a burgeoning talent to even get on the first ‘rungs of the ladder’, as it were.

This is much the same dilemma as is currently faced by young people attempting to join the property ladder. Now, although the findings seem to be targeting America, the results are nevertheless just as relevant for small business owners all across the UK. So it seems that as well as providing innumerous new job opportunities for cash-strapped people everywhere, the internet is also providing a very real means for the conception of fledgling businesses, as well as the means to maintain them.

**A recently released study reports that 37% of all United Kingdom broadband customers list speed of connection as the most important feature they require from a broadband company. Perhaps this is why both Sky and Talk Talk have publicly requested that BT step up their plans for change are aware of their existing copper cable network to fibre optics. The harsh truth is that coaxial copper cable is technologically incapable of competing in terms of data delivery with fibre optics.

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