Budapest Can Give You The Ideal Stag Weekend

Whether you are the lucky guy tying the knot or one of his friends, you will want to enjoy a great stag event before the big day.

A top stag weekend can be a really special send off to bachelor life for the groom and a memorable event for everyone else in the party. People are now becoming more and more adventurous and looking to make exciting trips to places such as Budapest for this special event, and there are some very good reasons for that.
Get Some Fun
One of the main parts of any stag event is the fun stuff you get lined up for during the day. A lot of groups choose to go on a shooting trip but it is far from the only option. Paintballing, carting, horse racing, football and even good old fashioned sightseeing are also attractive possibilities. You won’t be able to fit in everything the city offers, so it makes sense to pick the most suitable thing before you set off.

The Evening Entertainment
A stag weekend wouldn’t be complete without some evening entertainment and you certainly won’t be short of options in Budapest. There are plenty of bars, clubs and discos and if you find the right places you will pay a lot less for your pint than you might be expecting to pay.

Eat and Drink
We just mentioned the drinking aspect but it is worth its own section as well. Budapest is a great place to try out some new varieties of beer, as well as some other interesting drinks such as fruit brandy and wine. In terms of food, there is an international feel to the city these days but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t give some Hungarian dishes a try too.

Don’t Spend a Fortune
Stag trips can be hugely expensive but Budapest tends to result one of the most economic choices. For a start, the relatively low airfares offered from many other European cities lets you get there cheaply. After that, the hostels in Budapest offer great value if you pick one with care. The best hostel in Budapest will leave you in a central location and give you a clean and safe place to stay without costing you too much money. This is ideal for most groups, as you don’t want to blow your budget on a fancy hotel or be stuck out in the middle of nowhere in somewhere cheap but dodgy.

This is a guest post by Peter Kovacs occasional guest blogger on travel and full time on Start Up companies.  Peter currently represents Astoria City Hostel one of Budapest’s cheapest hostel in the hearth of the city.