Build A Facebook Business Page- You Can’t Afford To Skip It

You already know the internet has changed the way people do business.  We no longer use the Yellow Pages to find an address or phone number, we Google it or check Facebook. We no longer read the hard copy of a newspaper each day, we get our news online.

Facebook has 1 billion active users and 425 million mobile users. There’s no question you need to be marketing to these people. Have you been putting it off because you just don’t see how you can find the time to create a social media presence? You can’t afford to put it off any longer. Let’s look at how cheap and easy it is to build your brand and attract customers on Facebook with a business page.

Just the Basics

1. Log onto Facebook and search your name.  If it’s free then secure it. If someone else has it then you can use an alternate name. Facebook will give you some suggestions. You can also use your business name and add US or CA for location purposes.
2. Upload a 200×200 square image with your business name and logo.
3. Upload a background cover photo, which is like a header image. It can’t include your website address or phone number.
4. Build your audience. The second button on the top of your business page allows you to invite friends and email list, who in turn can share your link. It’s a great way to get a couple of hundred friends and family likes.
5. Promote your Facebook business page in your store. Set up incentives – perhaps 10% off for people who like your page and also for people who write a recommendation. Recommendations are important because they actually become searchable.

Getting Schooled

You see the benefits of social media but don’t think you have the knowledge to make it work? Perhaps you need a little coaching. If you don’t think you can find the time, think about checking out some of the online time tracking software.
Stephanie Lichtenstein is the founder and president of Micro Media marketing, a social media marketing firm. She is also a frequent guest on successful internet marketer James Martell’s podcast Coffee Talk.  She teaches an introductory social media course at The School of Internet Marketing. There are six classes that include the following instruction:

  • Setting up your page
  • Strategies to get views
  • How to monitor your activity
  • How to grow your presence
  • Targeting zip codes
  • Identifying and finding the ideal customer

Lichtenstein explains that your goal isn’t to get 1 million likes, it is to get 500 likes from the right people.

Passing the Baton

Would you rather have someone else be responsible for social media in your business? That can work too. Lichtenstein and Martell discussed the example of a local pub. The owner of the business is there sometimes but is not interested in social media. The Manager is responsible for the business but isn’t quite sure of his social media knowledge. But the bartender enjoys social media and already has a mobile device.
The bartender knows that it’s important for a business to share information- content, photos, videos, events, etc. At Happy Hour he can snap a photo of the live band that is playing. If someone sees that on Facebook they are more apt to go in.
You do want someone who is excited about social media- perhaps someone just out of school. The most important thing to remember when choosing someone in the business to take over social media duties is to make sure they know your brand. Go over a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) so they are prepared.

Personal Training

Do you want that person to have training? Lichtenstein will train people in your office- as many as you want in the group- for $125 an hour. For $1000, her company will analyze all the social media platforms and set you up. It takes about 10 hours to get you up and running. If you want Micro Media Marketing to be on top of your entire social media plan, it costs $1250 a month. The fee includes a weekly call, in depth reports, and the monitoring of your accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Plus.
Social media marketing has already proved to be an essential marketing tool. It’s up to you to enter the arena and stay current on the newest practices. Whether you train yourself or work with an expert, you need to get started now- and a Facebook business page is the first place to begin.

Mark Harris is a successful freelance writer and Internet marketer who lives with his wife in White Rock, BC. He enjoys spending time on the many beaches of Canada’s beautiful west coast. He researches time management software on He works from both his home and a local coffee house.