Build An Office At Your Home From Only GBP 2,000 – Planning Permission Not Required

More and more people are working from home, especially those people running small businesses, or people working as consultants and who only need to go into the office occasionally.
Whilst there are many advantages to working at home, one of the biggest disadvantages is seperating you home life from work. One of the best ways of doing this is to have an office building that is separate from the house itself.
Building a new structure in the garden for an office is typically expensive, complicated and takes a long time..

But, there is a way to build a lovely new office building quickly, cheaply and without needing planning permission, and for only £2,000.

Log cabin kits

By using a log cabin kit you can construct a lovely, modern office in your property from only £2,000.
Here are the essentials:

  • The kit comes with everything you need to construct the complete building.
  • Double glazed windows and doors are included as standard.
  • The cabin is made from high quality timbers that are warm and strong.
  • Insulation can be added to the wall cavity to make the cabin ultra energy efficient and perfect for year-round use.
  • The best cabins are made from wood from renewable forest.
  • The building can be constructed within a few days using only screwdrivers, a hammer and a utility knife for cutting trim.
  • There is a massive choice of cabins to choose from.
  • You can build the cabin without planning permission, straightaway, and without waiting for local council approval.

A wooden cabin gives a beautiful building in which you can do your best work. These buildings are not just easy to build, but they can easily be adapted to fit your needs. You can add dividers, walls and other features to adapt the cabin as your building grows.
You can also use the cabin for several purposes. You can use one side for an office, and the other side for a snooker table, for storing bicycles.  Some models even have a car port integrated into the side so that you can park your vehicle in the shade.
The cabin kit is delivered as a complete package. It contains everything you need to construct the cabin. This can be done by two people with reasonable DIY experience over a weekend.
You are permitted to build a log cabin in your garden as long as the height of the cabin in less than 2.5 metres high. Log cabin suppliers supply a great range of cabins that fit within this planning permission acceptation.
With the proper care a log cabin will last a lifetime.
This article was written by Brian Runnalls. He is the founder and boss of South West Log Cabins. They provide a fantastic range of log cabins that do not need planning permission and are perfect for offices and other uses. They can help you find and build that perfect office in your property.