Build Interactive Mobile Application By Pursuing Ionic Training

Build Interactive Mobile Application By Pursuing Ionic Training

Nowadays mobile applications ruling the technology field in a greater extent. Those who are looking to set their career in mobile app development have to learn about the current trend and technologies of this field. One such popular technology is an Ionic framework. It is a revolutionary mobile application framework which merges the power of HTML 5 and Angular JS. This framework is used to build most stylish and interactive mobile applications.

What the Course is about?

There are many online training courses are available for this framework. Those who want to learn about this framework and those who want to start their career in mobile app developments can pursue such courses. One such course is an ionic course in Melbourne. This course makes candidates build their own state of the art mobile apps. This course begins by introducing scratch and provides candidates with the knowledge of backbone of ionic which is Angular JS.

Candidates will learn about the ionic fundamentals and services in this course. They will learn about the Ionic CSS and the components of JavaScript, the use of HTML 5 and how to access native apps. The main aim of this course is to simplify the process of creating apps for a number of platforms. This achieve this by eliminating the requirement for duplicating the same piece of code in several different languages for various kinds of platforms

Candidates of this course will learn about the android studio, SDK tools and ionic tools, findfeed app, angular controllers, directives, services, routing, API, templates in Angular JS, and some other mobile app related components. At the end of this training, candidates will be able to create a complete mobile application using the ionic framework. In addition to that, they will learn how to use JavaScript and HTML concepts to build apps and how to use its components to enrich the features of the developed app.

What Participants Will Learn?

Attendees those who take this course will,

Learn in detail about the concepts of Angular JS, HTML 5, CSS and JS which are the part of ionic framework

Learn how to use ionic framework and its components to improve the appearance and interactivity of their applications

Learn how to use plugins to access numerous native device apps from iOS and Android

Learn how to make apps with advanced features and cross-platform usability

Who can Take this Course?

  • This ionic training course is designed for web developers those who want to learn about the current and upcoming technologies to maintain their market in this changing mobile app field
  • Application developers
  • Professionals those who want to set career path in app development
  • Students
  • Graduates
  • And by anyone those who are interested in learning mobile app development

What are the Prerequisites?

Candidates those who are going to pursue this course are expected to have,

  • Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and Js
  • Some knowledge of Angular JS and its advantages but this is not compulsory
  • Some prior knowledge to command line interfaces as this helps them to easily grasp this course